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  1. Hi, steamcrypto doesn't work, because public key imported via fs, webpack can't find file after build
  2. Thank you, can i help you for fastest close this issue ?
  3. Hi, if i'll call method getPersonas few times, and don't received response from steam - this events will stuck, with error. For example - you can reproduce this error when disable ethernet, and call this method 15 times. When i added condition it works without error ids.forEach((id) => { if( !this._events[`user#${id}`] ) { this.once('user#' + id, receive); } }); I suggest add this condition to all once events created, because steam may not response and events listeners may stuck
  4. Hi, How can I find out that a friend has blocked me? client.myFriends[user_id] = 3 , but on account who blocked this value = 6
  5. Can you give more information about loginKey ? When i try use login key with another IP, or auth the same account on another PC i getting error InvalidPassword. Is it binding by IP, and 1 account can have only 1 loginKey or i do something wrong ? Btw when try to use loginKey after use proxy with IP to which it was bind - also getting error InvalidPassword. And what's different between loginKey and webLogonToken ? Maybe webLogonToken will be better for renew my auth ?
  6. Hello, What data must be stored for reauthorization ? For example i can provide my cookies into node-steamcommunity for renew my auth ( if it be saved before ), but what's data need to store for renew my auth in steam-user ? Because when i have much accounts auth take so long time when i restart my software.
  7. Ino


    Hi, when account have trade ban - limitations.communityBanned is false, can you fix it please ?
  8. Thank you very much ! It working nice
  9. Hello, when i trying to upload the same image second time i getting error Error: A server error occurred. (2) Can you fix it please ? Maybe this is due to the generation of the same link / due to the size of the photo or image name
  10. It'll more comfortable than every time calling method getSteamUser for each user, or tell please what's information need provide for create class CSteamUser and using this method
  11. Thank you,but maybe better to add this to steam-user, and send it by user_id like steam chat message ?
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