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Problem with using a proxy


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Problem with connecting proxy.
There are two outcomes when connecting a proxy:
1. The proxy is working - the code is being executed.
2. The proxy is working - but the code is not executed and there is no error in the console, because of this I cannot trace the problem and solve it.

How can I track this error? I will be grateful for help


const SteamClient = require('steam-client');
const SteamUser = require('steam-user');

let user = new SteamUser({
  singleSentryfile: false,
  promptSteamGuardCode: false,
  dateDirectory: null,
  httpProxy: 'http://IP:PORT'

user.logOn({ accountName: 'USERNAME', password: 'PASSWORD' });

user.on('error', e => {

user.on('emailInfo', function(address, validated) {
    if (validated == true) {
        console.log('Yes', validated);
    } else (validated == false) 
        console.log('No', validated);
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