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  2. Just filter the list to only active offers.
  3. hi,doc,when i use offlist ,set filter is EOfferFilter.ActiveOnly but there have some historical offers present in the output.how i can only get the active offer?
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  5. SteamUser.prototype.logOn = function(details) { // Delay the actual logon by one tick, so if users call logOn from the error event they won't get a crash because // they appear to be already logged on (the steamID property is set to null only *after* the error event is emitted) process.nextTick(async () => { if (this.steamID) { throw new Error("Already logged on, cannot log on again"); } this.steamID = null; this.limitations = null; //.......... } } after v4.5.1, the logOn method use the nextTick to do login action, after then, how to get the Error in the nextT
  6. Last week
  7. as title says i see person use alts to collect csgo items so if u can guys block his alts main : https://steamcommunity.com/id/theenigmist alts https://steamcommunity.com/id/NasaBlackHole/ https://steamcommunity.com/id/Horsie_/ https://steamcommunity.com/id/AzureWorms/ https://steamcommunity.com/id/_heIIbody_ how to confirm ? easy add the bot he will accept you in second and if you send him message he says [10:23 AM] Horsie: I didn't get that, did you mean to use a command? or like it
  8. hi doctor, I've noticed in some situations the botmanager doesn't remove all bots when players have vacated the server. occasionally, it will even kick the last bot with a purge message and then immediately add a new one in a freshly emptied server (with sm_bot_join_after_player==1). this is quite bad if it leaves one bot in arena mode - since the bot will be stuck in spec, an additional bug that causes bots to spam the console with endless name changes while in spectator can leave a bot filling the server log indefinitely. I'm not sure, but this probably prevents (or indicates a lac
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  10. How can I check ? I knew what is offer.id but didnt know how to check ...
  11. manager.on('sentOfferChanged', (offer, oldState) => { // This is the callback // offer.id is the ID of the trade offer that changed });
  12. No, that kind of thing would be a trade secret I'd imagine.
  13. Sure, have fun with that.
  14. If you're already keeping track of offer IDs paired with discord user data, then you should just have one sentOfferChanged handler and check the offer.id inside of that callback.
  15. can't i login with a fake server with no vac in it ?
  16. But what if I want it to have that handler on specific trade ? There are 2 diffrent sending trades functions, first is the bot doesnt give anything, and this i want to check if is confirmed, second is the bot is giving.. (I have solved it wuth adding if statements on itemstogive == 0) 1. How can I know that first sent trade offer is matching with some id ?? like if (offer.id === ______)... I need something that says if (offer.id.state === "accepted"), but this code wont work, how can i do it ?? 2. Some developer told that i can fix this using polldata, is it possible
  17. You should only have one sentOfferChanged handler. You should not add a new handler every time you send a trade.
  18. Not if you want to pretend to be a VAC-secured server.
  19. Yes, that will work. You just need to make sure to add your event handlers to each instance.
  20. You would have to somehow implement the algorithm the CS:GO client uses to turn item data (plus the texture and model files) into a rendered image.
  21. how i can let node-steam-tradeoffer-manager accept and comfirm them agin?have any example?sorry i have so many noob question
  22. Hi, I am making a bot that can will manage my accounts. Currently I am having problems with an idea of storing mulltiple account classes (or instances). The best way probably is to create an array, but I am concerned if this approach will let accounts receive events like incoming messages? let accounts = []; function addAccount(username, password){ client = new Steam() client.logOn({username, password}); client.on('loggedOn' => { accounts.push(client) } } What would be the best practice for this situation? Thanks in advance!
  23. is it possible to login as fake server so i can establish a connection between a client and this fake server ?
  24. Could you please help me ?? So how could I prevent that bot will not respond both users when only 1 user confirmed the trade offer ?? It is really frustrating to see it and really dont know how to prevent it in chat it looks like this: (1 - user "EnelGy" accepted the trade, 2 - user "Command" wrote the same command, but didnt accept the trade...) And if the user who won accept the trade that bot is sending his winnings, it resets(like he registered sentOfferChanged() - accepted offer) and generates another game where also are 2 users: After accepting the win: this is
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