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  2. No, sadly that's not possible. There are some browser extensions out there that will make this work with a single item only, by appending &for_item=appid_contextid_assetid (like for_item=730_2_123456789) but that's only if the user has one of those extensions installed, and isn't using the Steam client.
  3. Are you re-retrieving the user's inventory the second time? Maybe the fact that you're manipulating the response object is what's causing your problem.
  4. Here is where that plugin came from: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=1850358 There are only a select few commands that the server can force the client to execute, and quit is not one of them. In fact, that plugin doesn't actually support running client-side commands, it only supports "fake" client commands. Meaning, it makes the server think that the client ran a command. So it's only going to work on commands that run server-side, like "kill".
  5. You can't do offer.addMyItems(item.amount = 1) You need to do it like this: item.amount = 1; offer.addMyItem(item);
  6. Hello, I happened to stumble upon an old 2012 plugin ([ANY] Command Trigger) before it seemingly vanished. I was wondering if I could reupload it with your permission? Also, I run my own private tf2 server where me and my friends play on and I wanna prank them by making some common commands such as !kick or !tp result in the plugin executing the quit command client side though when I tried it, it didn't work. The console just says "Unknown command: quit" d57b843e0026db764108f0e0c649effe.7z
  7. Is there a way to make a trade link with an item in it so the user only has to click on send and not add the item to the offer? https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=12345678&assetid=2189123,2123232 something like this? so when you click on the link the items are already in the trade and you just have to click on send and its done.
  8. checks the user's gems and sends a trade offer. but I want the bot to add 1 gems to the trade offer created, but it always gives an error. I'm trying to do this with the following code trying to add 1 ore from the bot's inventory offer.addMyItems(item.amount = 1); I want the bot to add 1 gems to the trade offer. How can I do that? My Codes; case "gems": community.getUserInventory(partner, 753, 6, true, (error, items) => { if(error) { users.removeReservation(partner, true, removeFunc); return callback(error); } let accepted = files.getConfig().steamGems;
  9. The bot checks the user's gems and if there are enough gems, it transmits the swap offer. If the user cancels this trade offer and tries to create an offer again, then the bot says there are not enough gems. There's no problem creating the first trade offer, but if the first trade offer is canceled, the bot will always tell you there are not enough gems. I could not solve this problem. Can you please help? @Dr. McKay @SnaBe My Codes; case "gems": community.getUserInventory(partner, 753, 6, true, (error, items) => { if(error) { users.removeReservation(
  10. Not really. Skins don't have "colors", they have patterns, which are ultimately textures.
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  12. The big problem is that you'd also have to reverse engineer VAC, and have fun with that.
  13. I don't really think that's possible unfortunately, since a bot can't join a CS:GO server. I could be mistaken.
  14. hi, i've been wondering if there is any way to get the color for a specific CS:GO skin. is it possible to do it like the skin wear value? i haven't found anything yet. ty
  15. Hello guys, I need to create node steam bot which will invite x amount of users triggered by command to the csgo community server. Is this even possible? I found some informations but they are using C++ libraries and that does not work for me. I mean something like this. The image is taken from internet so don't mind the text.
  16. God damn it, i just lost the offer of the user and i can't resend it now. What would you recommend me Mr. Kay? my console log: data: tradebot.js:28916 - Processing offer #4268805339 from XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX data: tradebot.js:28916 - Withdraw needs Confirmation! data: tradebot.js:28916 - Offer confirmed data: tradebot.js:28916 - [STORAGE] Offer #4268805339 is Accepted data: tradebot.js:28916 - Sending offer to tradebot, then to user! data: tradebot.js:28916 - No more offers. Offers: 0 data: tradebot.js:28916 - Sending offer to user! data: tradebot.js
  17. No, if you want additional criteria for whether a trade offer should be canceled, you need to implement the logic of cancelTime yourself.
  18. Firstly, your getOffer function is incorrect. It should look something like this: getOffer = (offerID) => { return new Promise((resolve, reject) => { console.log("Getting trade offer", offerID); this.manager.getOffer(offerID, (err, offer) => { if(err) return reject(err); resolve(offer); }); }); } I'm not super familiar with express, but I would imagine that you'd do something like this: app.get('/tradeOffer', auth, async (req, res) => { let { offerID, username } = req.query; await accounts[
  19. Your fix is correct; you must log into steam-user with your password to get a login key.
  20. Hey. I've been trying since few days any possible way to get Steam emitted to me. There's few lines how I try to catch it. var SteamUser = require('steam-user'); var client = new SteamUser(); var SteamCommunity = require('steamcommunity'); let community = new SteamCommunity(); community.login({ "accountName": loginAccount, "password": loginPassword, "twoFactorCode": loginCode, "rememberPassword": true, "machineName": "firstMachineThere" }, function(err, sessionID, cookies, steamguard){ community.getClientLogonToken((err, details) => {
  21. Yeah u are right, events handling was so slow and I couldnt manage instances cuz it the "server" would go sleep after a while. I got digitalocean now and it works like a charm
  22. I am hosting express server with steam accounts intstances abd currently having troubles with getOffer method callback. Im not experienced enough to work with callbacks, and google answers are not really suited for my problem, so I would like to ask your help here. The code below is the functions that is executed on a get request. It calls custom function inside account instance's app.get('/tradeOffer', auth, async (req, res) => { let { offerID, username } = req.query; await accounts[username].getOffer(offerID) .then(offer => {console.log("Offer", offer)}) .catc
  23. Yeah, i know err.type does not exist. It was just an example. What do you mean by checking the text? Maybe with IndexOf?
  24. So how can I use cancelTime in an if else? I want to use this under another condition elsewhere
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