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  2. BREAKING STEAM CHANGE Mobile confirmation is now required to create a Web API key It is now required to have a Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator in order to create a Web API key getWebApiKey() no longer attempts to register an API key if your account doesn't yet have one getWebApiKey() still works for retrieving your account's existing API key createWebApiKey() has been added to handle creating a new Web API key Full Changelog: v3.47.1...v3.48.0 Ramifications of This Change You now need to enable mobile 2FA to create a Web API key You can disable mobile 2FA after your key has been created, and it will keep working getWebApiKey() works as before if your account already has a key created, but does not attempt to register a key if you don't yet have one If you have a script that prepares new accounts for use (e.g. enables 2FA, sets up profile), then you should call createWebApiKey() as part of that script, after enabling 2FA. Any code which consumes getWebApiKey() will work as before, provided you create your API key before attempting to call it View on GitHub
  3. Pretty much. You can also use node-steam-user to get notifications when your count of pending trade offers changes, which you can use to trigger a poll. steam-tradeoffer-manager works this way.
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  5. Hello! im wondering what is best practies for monitoring steam api trade offer change state trade_offer_state, it works by steam api key. do i need send every like 1 minute request to this endpoint or there are some better practies and do i need use proxy for that? im using https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Steam_Web_API/IEconService#CEcon_TradeOffer in advance thank you for answering.
  6. Let's say I have 1000 active users on my server. I deploy some changes and need to apply into the server. All these 1000 active instances are on the process memory. If I restart the server the instances are gone. I've seen McKay talking about splitting the app into multiple process so it becomes less prone to changes. Say these uses are all farming hours in games, how should I reconnect these 1000 users back again? Without causing any problems like 1000 people connecting from the same 'origin' at the same time. Should I split the active accounts into small groups and reconnecting them one group per time, with a delay between them?
  7. actually i am not even sure if this is even the correct thing??, i am looking to get the counter strike 2 premier match making friends leader board
  8. i see there is CMsgClientLBSGetLBEntries and CMsgClientLBSGetLBEntriesResponse in https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steam-user/blob/a9e1d2be73760f881f214bd7dffc74fbc7311cc7/protobufs/steammessages_clientserver_lbs.proto#L49 how would i go about sending this request to get back the leader board? i was thinking it would be sendToGC() but that's not making sense to me thanks
  9. Hi all, Pretty new to this library. I'm hoping to set up a bot that can facilitate initiating a p2p trade between two users and monitoring the trade. I think understand how to do so using the trade offer manager to first request a trade with user A and receive the item, and then request a trade with user B and send the item. Is it possible with this library to achieve bypassing this and facilitating the trade directly between users and then monitoring the outcome? If you could point me in the right direction would be very grateful. Thanks!
  10. Electron is a browser. steam-user is not verified to work in node-enabled Electron windows, only in the main process.
  11. im not useing browser. im using electron and if login or password is incorrect its trying to log in again and here you can see the output it made 4 retryes when someting was inputed wrong i need to make like if login error stop the code that's all
  12. im makeing system which logins in steam with shared secret username and password but if something is incorrect it keeps trying log in and makeing few requests after that it says "setTimeout(...).unref is not a function" help me someone to stop login in if password or some information about account is incorrect
  13. No, nothing will work in the browser. Same-origin policy will block you. Although, in theory you could perform a CM login in the browser since that's all websocket based.
  14. Thanks for your reply. I'm guessing this is also the case with using API end points in NextJS. Do you have any recommendations for NextJS based Steam login?
  15. Hi there. Can I get live or history of premier matches in CS2 with node-globaloffensive library?
  16. v. 2.3.0 I don't know, I temporarily replaced the function, with request post (last image) and this is works.
  17. Hey, I also tried adding a free license through the steam store but it keeps returning me an error Malformed response steamStore.steamID contains the correct ID subId get from working (200) request, response is empty Any Help ? Im try "manual" request : and this working
  18. This happens when requiring the steam-user package. I've tried installing the lzma package manually and using different versions of node but still nothing. I'm pretty new to this stack as a whole so please be nice, just trying to get the package to work.
  19. Thanks for responding, now it works, it was a problem with storing the token, not getting it.
  20. Indeed, I wasn't aware that the ISteamEconomy/GetAssetClassInfo includes owner_descriptions, enabling the retrieval of trade locked items' dates through a single request. Thank you for this information. However, the challenge remains in finding a method that streamlines the acquisition of information regarding sticker wear and float of items without necessitating the inspection of each individual item containing stickers and floats.
  21. steam-user is a Node.js module, not a bun module.
  22. This should work. What is the value of token that you're actually receiving?
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