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  2. Yep, and here's the new link for docs: https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steam-user/wiki/Steam-App-Auth#createauthsessionticketappid-callback
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  4. The method is now called `createAuthSessionTicket`, for anyone wondering
  5. but i did this on C# and steamkit for idle cases, 6 months have passed and didnt get no one VAC ban. But I understand that steam can ban everything at once
  6. The backend is surely not going to appreciate there not being an actual Steam client involved.
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  8. Hi. How send CInventory_ConsumePlaytime_Request using ur lib?
  9. If player isn't in you friend-list you cant get player profile from non-prime account. but you can try it with account with prime status
  10. It's possible, you just need process ClientServiceCall msg, when you start csgo. Game send VAC module that collect info about your PC, you need save it, run with parameters what receive in ClientServiceCall and send to steam in ClientServiceCallResponse
  11. Proxy support is already in progress. The error event is only for errors encountered while polling. If your credentials are wrong, then the startWithCredentials promise will be rejected.
  12. https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steamstore#addphonenumbernumber-bypassconfirmation-callback Although I'm not 100% sure this is working right now.
  13. I miss proxy, like steam-user Error events probably not working I have subscribers for error event but still my console dying (same with wrong pass, but I fix with .catch on .startWithCredentials) node_modules/steam-session/dist/helpers.js:17:15
  14. Thank you. Phone number needs to be added before adding Guard. Is there a function for this?
  15. You're not getting any output because you aren't actually logging the code. You need to add console.log(code) to the bottom.
  16. cvt

    NodeJS steam-totp

    Hello, McKay! The problem is that I am not getting a response from the module At first I thought maybe it had something to do with NodeJ, but after installing other modules and testing them everything worked fine. Tried earlier releases of steam-totp and got no response either. Although everything works fine in the rankite on the site. Then I thought maybe the problem is in time zones, but I tried everything and still did not receive any response or error from the module Could you check in the terminal how this module works for you? Video teminal
  17. Does the steam user support the large screen opening token in similar clients?
  18. Yep, check out this example: https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steamcommunity/blob/master/examples/enable_twofactor.js
  19. Hello, is it possible to add Steam Guard like Steam Mobile application and WinAuth program to the account? I want to add guard to account with javascript.
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  21. When there is 1 item in the trade, it is not canceled via decline ( http error 500 ), and when more than 1, it is quietly canceled
  22. Hi, I have a problem loading the inventory on my website, I tried many things I updated the modules but then the same. The game I have set is Rust: 252490 A Contextid: 2 everything should be agreed, I do not have only any API to the prices, but in my opinion my items should appear because I have in your inventory and they are tradable. Error: k_EResultNoMatch Thanks for help! Regard.
  23. Hi, me and a friend made a module for this a couple weeks ago https://github.com/ZeusJunior/node-tf2-backpack. Figuring out if something was craftable or tradable was a bit of a massive bitch but it (among other attributes) was tested with a dataset of ~230.000 items from give or take 300 trading bots, cross referenced to the steam api. I'm sure there's probably some cases missing like store preview items that we haven't tested but it covers the majority. Came accross another thread of yours just now (there are some comments about that here) and then found this one. Hope it helps?
  24. That's a 32-bit int, not a 64-bit one. Each hex character is only half a byte (F = 15, FF = 255). It's equal to 55 decimal: Buffer.from('3B000000', 'hex').readUInt32LE(0) I don't have any idea where you got this 17293822569102704699 value from. You need to use writeUint32 for the base item ID since it's a 32-bit value. Your buffer size of 14 bytes + length of the name is correct. As for what exactly that value corresponds to, I'd say that it's very likely the item's def_index. If the item you renamed is a knife, that seems like confirmation to me. Edit: Looks like you beat me to the realization! 😉
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