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  2. Can you verify the sessionExpired event is actually getting emitted? It can only get emitted if the module can verify with certainty that your session isn't valid anymore; getting a private inventory response isn't sufficient verification.
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  4. Good day! Recently I was surprised to find that my bots had inventories but looking at the logs they said they didn't have anything. So after enabling output settings I got to see the error. I am getting this error: Of course the Error in getting inventory part is my own. Here is my code for getting the inventory: function GetInventory(user){ return new Promise((resolve, reject) => { const { client, community, manager, details: { username, password, shared_secret,
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  6. sir if i start my serber by aauth code and after that can i use cron job to call weblogon to renew my session. will do the work?
  7. why? appinfo id is 41 uppercase Letters and Numbers combo
  8. well if i knew what each part of the code does i would understand but since i don't really know/understand the code i can't
  9. Not really. In theory, the code to support this could be written, but I don't see what useful purpose it would serve. And you wouldn't be able to report as a VAC-secured server.
  10. About all you could do is repeatedly send the MOTD message, but that would presumably make the page reload every time.
  11. Dear sir, how to find shared secret of alerday enabled modile authenticator.
  12. scorpion76


    Is it possible to create a Local Counter Strike Global Offensive game server with JS and insert a client into this server with the steam user library?
  13. Hello, I know Dr. Mckay's done a lot of work on TF2 MOTDs. I wanted to know if the feature or pathway to the feature exists where a pause can exist on the MOTD before it can be skipped. When a player gets an MOTD (such as an ad) during gameplay, I want there to be a 3 second delay before they can skip it so the ad's content can load. Ads sometime don't load in time before users instinctively skip it, is there a solution around this?
  14. You need to filter the inventory to find the "Gems" item, and set its amount property to 1.
  15. How do we add 1 gem to trade offer? If we request steam inventory we get the whole inventory, so is there a way to add only 1 gem ?
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  17. ok then like each changeid to an appid changes the appinfo for the appid that is changed from the changeid
  18. Yeah, that would work. You shouldn't need to worry about security as long as the bot's web server is only listening on localhost.
  19. That's precisely what I'm currently doing, I guess my issue lays somewhere else then.
  20. So the bot should be outside the laravel project and to communicate with it I need to install http and express to the bots file ? To be sure, Do I do something like this ? (This http request is in laravel) (port: 3000 is the bots http port) Http::post('http://localhost:3000/send', [ tradelink: tradelink, items: (some ids of items) ]); Then my bot get this and use posted array to create the trade offer ? I feel like this is so complicated and not very secure
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