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  2. Fixed error caused by processing user data after we disconnect (issue #363) View on GitHub
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  4. Fixed a couple minor bugs View on GitHub
  5. Added `removePackage` and `restorePackage` methods (thanks to @Revadike in PR #262) Added `getFriendsList` method (thanks to @Revadike in PR #267) Added `getUserComments` and `deleteUserComment` methods (thanks to @Revadike in PR #220) View on GitHub
  6. Fixed bug in retrieving license info (thanks to @Revadike in PR #362) Increased getProductInfo timeout (thanks to @Revadike in PR #362) Increased redeemKey timeout (thanks to @Revadike in PR #369) Added licenses dumper example (thanks to @Revadike in PR #361) View on GitHub
  7. No, there isn't any native support in the library for that. It would probably be easier for you to just manually send the request and parse the JSON yourself.
  8. Last week
  9. Native support for changing the count parameter. So I'll have to edit the library to add that?
  10. Yeah, time_historical_cutoff is used to include non-active offers that have updated since the provided time, when you pass active_only.
  11. Native support for what, filtering by item name? No.
  12. Exception in PromiseRejectCallback: C:\buffhelptest\buffhelptest\node_modules\steam-user\components\friends.js:1137 return resolve(user); RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded today i update the steam-user to 4.19.10 and it show this err, Although it seems not very important for me when i use old version it wouldn't happen ["steam-user": "^3.15.0"] and here is some code, this errmessage always show after use websession client.on('webSession', function(sessionid, cookies) { if (Config.autoconfirm!=="") { var confirmtime=Config.autoconfirm*1000; community.startConfirmationChecker(confirmtime,identity); console.log("\n### 尝试登陆Steam社区\n## 已开启批量确认:",Config.autoconfirm,"秒确认一次,注意不要手动去Steam接受非buff来源的报价,不然你会失去饰品"); }else { console.log("\n### 尝试登陆Steam社区\n## 已关闭批量确认"); } manager.setCookies(cookies); community.setCookies(cookies); h20vf = "done"; }); and i login another steamaccount, it wouldn't happen maybe my main account friend is too many? my main account have 1900 friends
  13. I see, I was under the assumption that I could use `time_historical_cutoff` to only get trade offers from after that timestamp, but that assumption was incorrect. Thank you!
  14. Thank you very much! But no native support if I understood you correctly?
  15. You can use the count URL parameter to filter how many items are returned, like this: https://steamcommunity.com/inventory/76561198006409530/753/6?count=1
  16. All active offers should always be returned when you pass active_only, regardless of your other query parameters.
  17. I am attempting to fetch all active offers after some timestamp, however this does not seem to work on sent trades (I have not tested this for received trades) Does this endpoint simply only apply the cutoff to received trades? I don't see steam-tradeoffer-manager doing any filtering so I'm confused about what to expect. Im correctly converting timestamps to steam unix time (seconds since epoch), and have tried using both `true/false` and `1/0` for the query parameters. Both yield the same result
  18. I only want to get the amount of gems a user has, so I don't have to load the whole inventory because gems are (usually) the first item in all Steam inventories. Is there any way to achieve that without loading the wholle inventory?
  19. Earlier
  20. and i make a request , sometime it will visited other site get untrade offer, if find it then restart the bot
  21. community.acceptConfirmationForObject(identity, creator.id, function(err){ }); i find it at here, if confirm trade we use tradeid, if confirm market ,we use creatorid
  22. i will sell some skins on steammarket is there any except use community.startConfirmationChecker(confirmtime,identity)
  23. Could you show me how to share the login cookies and using them to edit the profile?
  24. When you pass data through IPC like that, it gets serialized and then unserialized on the other end. The nature of a SteamCommunity object actually being a SteamCommunity object doesn't survive that serialization.
  25. Any idea on why I can't create a steamcommunity and pass it as workerData?
  26. Your assumption is correct. You could either use IPC to call to the master process and do your steamcommunity work there, or use IPC in the master process to the worker processes to share your login cookies.
  27. I have this code so far origin.js const SteamCommunity = require("steamcommunity"); const origin = new SteamCommunity(); module.exports = { origin }; __________________________________________________________________________________________________ index.js const { origin } = require("./origin.js"); origin.login({ accountName: originuser, password: originpass, authCode: "", twoFactorCode: "", captcha: "" }, function (err) { if (!err) { console.log("logged into origin"); } // call worker }); __________________________________________________________________________________________________ worker.js const { origin } = require("./origin.js"); const { workerData } = require("worker_threads"); origin.editProfile({ customURL: workerData }, function (err) { if (!err) { console.log("changed url on origin"); }); Yet I get an error in worker.js saying I'm not logged in, I assume this is because it is creating a new steamcommunity every time require("./origin.js") is called, so how can I share the same steamcommunity across multiple workers, so I don't have to login inside each worker?
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