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  2. Sorry, I don't have time to help with stuff like this.
  3. Thank you for replying to me, but I don't know much about JS code. So I hope to get your help, which will pay a certain fee.
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  5. You're logging in to an anonymous user account (that's what the a means in [a:1:x]), which implies that your accountName is undefined.
  6. https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steam-user/blob/master/components/cdn.js#L268
  7. Hey there, hope someone that used this can help me understand this login system better. What i need: A webSession How i get that: webSession Event emiter I want to use this remember token (loginKey from the event) aswell as storing the password plain text (I know stupid) as optional parameter. Application should be able to run a long time. My problem is, that i do not get a webSession even all the time, as said in docs "NOTE: If you log on this way, webSession will NOT be emitted automatically, and you will need to use webLogOn() to get a web session." but here my problem starts, i don´t know how to use webLogOn(), IDE tells me i need nothing, i tryed the client, and steamID objects. Both didn´t work. The other thing is, i wrote some logic to handle logins and to store username + password (optional) in a config file. However it sometimes just logs me in. Without using that config file. Even when i used "rememberPassword: false". Here the code: /** * Login into steam as normal steam client * @param {Json} [config] */ const Steam_login = (config = global_config) => { if (fs.existsSync('./loginkey')) { log.info("Login with loginkey") client.logOn({ accountName: config.Steam_Username, loginKey: fs.readFileSync('loginkey', 'utf8'), }) } else { if (config.Steam_Password !== "") { log.info("Login with username & password") client.logOn({ "accountName": config.Steam_Username, "password": config.Steam_Password, rememberPassword: false }); } else { log.error("Login with loginKey failed and no password was found. EXIT") process.exit(1) } } } This logs me in without loginkey on my FS AND without the password stored, i don´t get how or why. I´ve pushed the full code here ( https://github.com/BolverBlitz/BulkSteamKeyQueueActivator ) currently it doesn´t anything but logging in. This is my output and config file. I don´t know why it logs in s Any help or enlightenment would be nice, or a nudge to the docs to clear this up for me. I´m sorry if i just overlooked something...
  8. Hello! I have developed a tool similar to "node steam user", and 401 will appear when downloading games. I see in the code that I need to get "requestcode", and I can't understand the rest. I can ask you to explain how to get "requestcode" for me. Or let you help me make a tool to get "requestcode". Telegram: https://t.me/in_join
  9. https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-globaloffensive/blob/master/index.js#L277-L290 This code will probably work.
  10. Hello, I am trying to send a message to the TF2 game coordinator to rename an item. I tried adding the following code TeamFortress2.prototype.nameItem = function(tagID, itemID, name) { let buffer = new ByteBuffer(16 + Buffer.byteLength(name) + 1, ByteBuffer.LITTLE_ENDIAN); buffer.writeUint64(tagID); buffer.writeUint64(itemID); buffer.writeUTF8String(name); this._send(Language.NameItem, null, buffer); } Nothing happens after I provide the item IDs and a custom name, however. I do not know how I should be constructing the bytebuffer, and it's hard to tell what I'm doing wrong since there doesn't seem to be any response from the GC at all. I would appreciate any help.
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  12. Well i dont know, i will try something and see what happens. It's really sad that steam does this thing.
  13. You could just keep the offer object in memory somewhere and call getExchangeDetails on it again later. Or look it up by trade offer ID. TradeOfferManager doesn't have any way to request the trade status API without having a TradeOffer object first.
  14. I've done that. They will never show up unless another offer isnt accepted. One that i receive items from. I can debug that with like if(state == "missingItems") debug[uniqueid] = 1; And then when somebody trades, i get the items by the previous offer. I just dont know how to get the items by already finished offer in the code. Do i need to store tradeid in the table as well or.. im not quite sure.
  15. I bet that for some reason, immediately after the trade finishes it's not returning the items but after some time they show up. I'd recommend that you set up retries for getExchangeDetails if it comes back empty.
  16. {"response":{"trades":[{"tradeid":"4120244556543802635","steamid_other":"76561198245675394","time_init":1654976854,"status":3,"assets_given":[{"appid":252490,"contextid":"2","assetid":"3740816287932622872","amount":"1","classid":"3631599957","instanceid":"0","new_assetid":"3729557288863109072","new_contextid":"2"},{"appid":252490,"contextid":"2","assetid":"3740816287932622877","amount":"1","classid":"4481862621","instanceid":"0","new_assetid":"3729557288863109073","new_contextid":"2"}]}]}} Yep The items are in the inventory they are just hidden for some reason. I once did console.log(receivedItems) and i got empty array []. After sending another offer, the items were shown.
  17. Check the same trade ID using the other bot's API key and see if it properly reports assets_received.
  18. I'm using 2 bots. One as a storage and one as a trading bot. When somebody requests a withdraw, trading bot gets the items by the store bot, when offer is Accepted, the trading bot sends an offer to the user with the items. The problem is offer is accepted but the trading bot is empty. I have to debug it as i said above. Im storing the assetids into database table with states of the offer and unique id, the problem is that row "new_assets" was empty. I don't know what to do at that situation. May i somehow get the items by that bugged offer after a new offer is accepted and the items show up? Like getItemsByOffer(offerid) or some other parameter, i don't know.
  19. Looks like it's returning assets_given, but not assets_received, so that would be why receivedItems is empty in TradeOfferManager. That's the data that Steam is reporting.
  20. Hello and thanks for your help. I checked the offer by trade_id. It's not empty. {"response":{"trades":[{"tradeid":"4120244556543804085","steamid_other":"76561198235183636","time_init":1654976889,"status":3,"assets_given":[{"appid":252490,"contextid":"2","assetid":"3729557288863109072","amount":"1","classid":"3631599957","instanceid":"0","new_assetid":"3740816287932624686","new_contextid":"2"},{"appid":252490,"contextid":"2","assetid":"3729557288863109073","amount":"1","classid":"4481862621","instanceid":"0","new_assetid":"3740816287932624689","new_contextid":"2"}]}]}} It's weird that this thing is happening on player to player trade, without any bots and codes. It only happens for rust, as far as i noticed myself. I was wondering to get some "debug" items and make a tradeoffer whenever "missing items" error occurs while trying to send an offer with the requested items. Because they are in the inventory, but they are hidden till a new item pops up.
  21. Plug the trade_id (not the trade offer ID) from the offer in question into the GetTradeStatus API and see if it returns any info. If not, then it's a problem on Steam's end and there's nothing we can do about it, sadly.
  22. Hello. There's a steam bug or something else with trading Rust items. Sometimes when I accept an offer, the items are not showing up into my inventory. I have to get another offer with at least one item and when I accept it, the item from the previous trade is then shown into my inventory. The problem is I don't know what to do when some user Deposit/Withdraw and I cannot get the new assetids of the items due to that bug, because it just shows an empty object. Part of my code: if(TradeOfferManager.ETradeOfferState[offer.state] == "Accepted") { offer.getExchangeDetails((err, status, tradeInitTime, receivedItems, sentItems) => { if (err) throw err; console.log(receivedItems); //Here sometimes it's empty. I'm checking the offer in tradeoffers history and I always receive items, so it should display that. }); }
  23. Hey, I'm aware that I can do something like that const requestProxy = request.defaults({'proxy':userProxy}); let community = new SteamCommunity({'request': requestProxy}); But this set up a single proxy for the whole instance, while I would like to use a different proxy on different request I do with community I know I could do that by doing my own request with something like this const options = {url: URL, proxy: getRandomProxy()}; request(options, function (err, resp, body) { // Here I have a different proxy everytime }); But is there a way to have something similar while using the functions from this package? Thank you! Edit : Unless it's useless and the rate limite is based on the Steam account rather than the IP used Edit2 : After some testing, rate limite seems to be based on account requests rather than IP, making the proxy switch useless. I'll investigate a bit more but probably won't change the result.
  24. That code looks like it should work. It's possible that Steam has changed something relating to how avatars are uploaded. I'll look into this when I get a chance, but it probably won't be soon.
  25. you mean like this? because if i try to upload avatar it gets an error is this because im not logged in? im getting LoggedIn = true is the uploadavatar an error on my end? the format is jpg should i convert it or something?
  26. No, and you really shouldn't be asking users for their account credentials. API keys are credentials.
  27. No, you can only use a 2FA code once. If you've already used a code, then you'll need to wait for the next code to be generated. You shouldn't be logging into SteamCommunity with an account name and password if you're already using SteamUser. In the webSession event, just call community.setCookies(cookies); That's all you need.
  28. steamuser can login fine however steamcommunity cant my clock is correct and so is secret and cant you use a 2fa code mutipull times?
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