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  3. Hi guys, I've been struggling because I have been looking for how to retrieve the wear from an applied CS:GO sticker but I haven't found anything. Would anybody help me? Thanks so much
  4. Fixed in https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steam-user/pull/381
  5. Reduced download size and memory usage Slight refactor to SteamID checks (thanks to @Revadike in PR #377) View on GitHub
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  7. You probably need to set the Referer header.
  8. What am i doing wrong in here ? console.log(' ' + '[%s] [%s] Successfully Logged On (Session ID: %s)'.underline.bold.yellow, ii + 1, logOnOptions.accountName, sessionID); success++; // Cancel options var optionsCancel = { form: { sessionid: sessionID, buy_orderid: '' }, json: true }; // Buy options var optionsKEY = { form: { sessionid: sessionID, currency: 1, appid: 440, market_hash_name: 'Mann Co. Supply Crate Key', price_total: config.KeysTotalPrice, quantity: config.KeysQuantity, billing_state: '', save_my_address: 0 }, json: true }; // ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ // community.httpRequestPost( 'https://steamcommunity.com/market/cancelbuyorder/', optionsCancel, function (err, res, data) { if (err) { console.log(' [%s] [%s] Failed to cancel previous buy orders.'.orange, ii + 1, logOnOptions.accountName); failedCancel++; } if (!err) { console.log(' [%s] [%s] Successfully canceled previous buy orders.'.orange, ii + 1, logOnOptions.accountName); successCancel++; } }); // Buying TF2 Keys -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // if (KEYSBUY == 1) { community.httpRequestPost('https://steamcommunity.com/market/createbuyorder/', optionsKEY, function (err, res, data) { if (err) { console.log(' [%s] [%s] Failed to buy tf2 keys.'.orange + ' ==> Success: '.dim + ' %s '.red.bgWhite + ' <==', ii + 1, logOnOptions.accountName, data.success); failedKeys++; } if (!err) { if (data.success == true) { console.log(' [%s] [%s] Successfully bought tf2 keys. ==> '.green + ' ==> Success: '.white + ' %s '.grey.bgWhite + ' | OrderID: '.white + ' %s '.grey.bgWhite + ' <==', ii + 1, logOnOptions.accountName, data.success, data.buy_orderid); i++; successKeys++; } } }); };
  9. There is actually a possibility to comment on thread inside groups with `steamcommunity` module but must be a member of the group.
  10. Here's my code, I should be getting the latest, can you check? user.getProductInfo( [730], [], true, (apps, packages, unknownApps, unknownPackages) => { const csgo = packages["730"].appinfo; const commonDepot = csgo.depots["731"]; const manifest = commonDepot.manifests.public; user.getManifest(730, 731, manifest, "public", (err, data) => { console.log(err, data); }); } ); also the error seems to be around "getCDNAuthToken", looking in to that further there seems to be: appid: 730 depotId: 731 hostname: cache2-atl1.steamcontent.com this._send(SteamUser.EMsg.ClientGetCDNAuthToken, { app_id: appID, depot_id: depotID, host_name: hostname }, (body) => { ^ logging the body responds with: "{ eresult: 2, token: null, expiration_time: null }" Would you know why this happens? I can inspect skins, do everything, this just seems to fail.
  11. Interesting. Are you trying to download a manifest that isn't the latest? The beta Steam client has indications that Valve might start restricting that.
  12. The version in node_modules/steam-user/package.json: { "_args": [ [ "[email protected]", "D:\\VsCode\\JS\\test" ] ], "_from": "[email protected]", "_id": "[email protected]", "_inBundle": false, "_integrity": "sha512-ZrF2i0V5uwyQGRnHcfCvXCS3MrOR3WdN/VNoYIGqmW5Kbw7hSS3XTmGUW3JpLcjnsjzdiBCAOnIkoFvwtJuBuw==", "_location": "/steam-user", "_phantomChildren": {}, "_requested": { "type": "version", "registry": true, "raw": "[email protected]", "name": "steam-user", "escapedName": "steam-user", "rawSpec": "4.20.0", "saveSpec": null, "fetchSpec": "4.20.0" }, "_requiredBy": [ "/", "/csgo-cdn" ], "_resolved": "https://registry.npmjs.org/steam-user/-/steam-user-4.20.0.tgz", "_spec": "4.20.0", "_where": "D:\\VsCode\\JS\\test", "author": { "name": "Alex Corn", "email": "[email protected]", "url": "https://www.doctormckay.com" }, "bugs": { "url": "https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steam-user/issues" }, "dependencies": { "@bbob/parser": "^2.2.0", "@doctormckay/stdlib": "^1.11.1", "@doctormckay/steam-crypto": "^1.2.0", "adm-zip": "^0.4.13", "appdirectory": "^0.1.0", "binarykvparser": "^2.2.0", "bytebuffer": "^5.0.0", "file-manager": "^2.0.0", "lzma": "^2.3.2", "protobufjs": "^6.8.8", "steam-appticket": "^1.0.1", "steam-totp": "^2.0.1", "steamid": "^1.1.0", "vdf": "^0.0.2", "websocket13": "^2.1.3" }, "description": "Steam client for Individual and AnonUser Steam account types", "devDependencies": { "steamcommunity": "^3.39.0", "wtfnode": "^0.8.4" }, "engines": { "node": ">=8.0.0" }, "homepage": "https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steam-user", "keywords": [ "steam", "steam client", "steam user" ], "license": "MIT", "name": "steam-user", "repository": { "type": "git", "url": "git+https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steam-user.git" }, "scripts": { "generate-enums": "node scripts/generate-enums.js", "generate-protos": "node scripts/generate-protos.js", "prepublishOnly": "node scripts/prepublish.js" }, "version": "4.20.0" } ^ version 4.20.0 see attached image that line 155 is indeed blank. also node version is lts v14
  13. Please double-check the version in node_modules/steam-user/package.json. cdn.js line 155 is blank in the latest version.
  14. A SteamID object is an object, not a string containing the 64-bit SteamID. See info here from the SteamCommunity docs. The SteamID returned when you retrieve the user's profile from their vanity URL is indeed correct: > const SteamID = require('steamid') > let sid = new SteamID() > sid.universe = 1 > sid.type = 1 > sid.instance = 1 > sid.accountid = 117631762 > sid.getSteamID64() '76561198077897490' If you have the SteamID e.g. from passport-steam, then this is how you'd call getSteamUser: const SteamCommunity = require('steamcommunity'); let community = new SteamCommunity(); community.getSteamUser(new SteamCommunity.SteamID('76561198077897490'), (err, user) => { // . . . }); That said, if all you're doing with node-steamcommunity is retrieving users' profile details, you're far better off using the WebAPI for that.
  15. Hey McKay, loving the work that you've done for the steam and JS communities. I've been using your `steamcommunity` package, but I've ran into this weird problem. I want to use the `getSteamUser` method on the community class. My user is logged in via a Passport Steam strategy and that returns an object after the user logs in that looks like this: this is my account. Right, so I deserialize this data in a session and work with the `steamid` property since that is the only one I need to perform actions etc. But, when trying to use `getSteamUser` with this steamId it throws `Cannot find user`. I realize that it wants a steamID object or a URL as specified here id - Either a SteamID object or a user's URL (the part after /id/)\ but even when calling by my URL which in the above case it's `psychoqt` manually I get this back: Now as you can see the steamID object is filled with universe type etc, but the accountID is different. It is not the steam ID. Even if I compose this object myself, I would be missing the accountid from the previous payload. The only solution I can see here is to parse `profileurl` and take everything right from `/id/` but it seems kinda hacky and inconsistent. Is there any other way I could go around this? Thanks,, Filip
  16. Good news, works like a charm! Scraping data just fine now! Oh and it makes sense to me now. I looked through steam community at the constructor options and I didn't see any httpProxy options. Now I see there is a request option, but instead I pass in my own request default settings and that gets replaced by my passed in option. Do I understand this correctly?
  17. Sorry, I misled you. You need to pass a request instance with the proxy set on it to SteamCommunity, like so: const Request = require('request'); const SteamCommunity = require('steamcommunity'); let community = new SteamCommunity({ request: Request.defaults({proxy: ''}) });
  18. Yeah I have tried using wireshark before, but my networking knowledge is very lacking. I think the easiest way to get around this problem for me is to just use VM's that use proxies. Only issue with that is if I want information to converge, I will need to setup a webserver to manage the bots. That's not a big deal because I know how to code websites but I'm just wondering what would take more time, learning and finding the problem or making vm's and a webserver to converge the data. Issue is the longer it takes the more money I lose, so I think I will go with the easier option first, to patch things up, and then look into finding the problem with requests not going through a proxy. Just a side note; could it be possible that using community.httpRequestPost outside of it's constructor mean it doesn't inherit proxy settings? Because as far as I can tell, all of my bots are logging in from separate ip's (looking at the log in history on steam). And what's being rate limited in specific is getting item data from steam community, which I made my own function for using community.httpRequestPost. By the way, I'd like to mention, I am self taught in coding, because of this I only learned what I wanted/needed, so I'm sorry if I don't explain things very clearly or have naïve ideas.
  19. calling getManifest returns the error: Error: Fail at Object.exports.eresultError (test\node_modules\steam-user\components\helpers.js:96:12) at SteamUser.<anonymous> (test\node_modules\steam-user\components\cdn.js:155:27) at SteamUser._handleMessage (test\node_modules\steam-user\components\messages.js:629:34) at SteamUser._handleNetMessage (test\node_modules\steam-user\components\messages.js:552:7) at SteamUser._processMulti (test\node_modules\steam-user\components\messages.js:676:8) { eresult: 2 } ^ this seems to be an issue with "getCDNAuthToken" as when we're simply calling getManifest(730, 731, manifestid, (result) => { console.log(e) }) simply returns the error "eresult: 2"
  20. I am still getting rate limited, do you perhaps know any tools to perhaps bind http requests to so I can see which functions are making requests without going through a proxy?
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