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  2. In order for me to get a lot of floats per second I would need a lot of accounts. What's the best way to make / automate a lot of accounts so that I can start working on this project. (100-1000)
  3. The inspect request is rate limited. The absolute fastest I've seen it work is once per second, and that may even be too frequent these days.
  4. It's a lot of work I don't want to do. Instead I am going to use globaloffensive npm. I have gotten it to work with 5 floats, but that's it. I get 0 errors and I am not sure how to fix it. Here's my code It works with around 5 links then it stops working. If I put 100x the same inspectlink and then 10 unique ones it will do 104 links. It's weird. I hope you're able to help and maybe tell me if there's a way to bulk request floats csgo.on('connectedToGC', () => { console.log('Connected to CS:GO Game Coordinator'); fs.readFile('inspect_links.txt', 'utf8', (err, data) => { console.log("Reading File") if (err) { console.error('Error reading inspect_links.txt:', err); return; } const inspectLinks = data.split('\n').map(link => link.trim()).filter(link => link); // Split by newline, trim whitespace, and filter out empty lines console.log(inspectLinks) const numRequests = inspectLinks.length; // Number of requests to make // Measure start time const startTime = process.hrtime(); // Perform repeated requests try { inspectLinks.forEach((inspectLink, i) => { console.log("Item") csgo.inspectItem(inspectLink, (item) => { console.log("item2") if (item) { const float = item.paintwear; // Assuming paintwear represents the float value console.log(`Float value (${i + 1}):`, float); if (i === numRequests - 1) { // Measure end time when all requests are completed const endTime = process.hrtime(startTime); console.log(`Total time taken: ${endTime[0]} seconds ${endTime[1] / 1000000} milliseconds`); } } else { console.error(`Failed to inspect item (${i + 1})`); } }); }); } catch (err) { console.log(err); }; }); }); M7903329297310948975A37061864046D11863687337479355678 M7284084347070041204A37057504987D11863687337479355678 M7384289439309646801A37065312421D11863687337479355678 M4863399372752009970A37055616057D11863687337479355678 M7384289439309646711A37065089523D11863687337479355678 M7800872405789081739A37059417732D11863687337479355678 M7903329297310948855A37065289802D11863687337479355678 M7800872405789080869A37059428152D11863687337479355678
  5. I suggest you ask the csfloat project, with which I have no relation.
  6. There's no reason to ever call logOn in an interval. If you receive the error event, then just log on again and you'll always be connected.
  7. After a while, the manager.on('new Offer', function(offer) stops working and the console.log line appears("New offer #" + Offer.id + " from " + Offer.partner.getSteam3RenderedID() + Offer. message) The incoming transaction is not displayed. When I manually restart the code, the streams become visible after using the use AccessToken. const FS = require('fs'); const SteamUser = require('steam-user'); const SteamTotp = require('steam-totp'); const SteamCommunity = require('steamcommunity'); const TradeOfferManager = require('steam-tradeoffer-manager'); const client = new SteamUser(); const community = new SteamCommunity(); const manager = new TradeOfferManager({ steam: client, community: community, language: 'en', useAccessToken: 'true' }); client.on('webSession', (sessionid, cookies) => { manager.setCookies(cookies); community.setCookies(cookies); community.startConfirmationChecker(10000, 'identity_secret'); }); const logOnOptions = { accountName: 'accountName', password: 'password', twoFactorCode: SteamTotp.generateAuthCode('shared_secret') }; client.logOn(logOnOptions); client.on('loggedOn', () => { console.log('Logged into Steam'); client.setPersona(SteamUser.EPersonaState.Online); client.gamesPlayed(440); }); client.on('webSession', (sessionid, cookies) => { manager.setCookies(cookies); community.setCookies(cookies); community.startConfirmationChecker(10000, 'identity_secret'); }); manager.on('newOffer', function(offer) { console.log("New offer #" + offer.id + " from " + offer.partner.getSteam3RenderedID() + offer.message); if (/text/.test(offer.message)){ offer.accept(function(err, status) { if (err) { console.log("Unable to accept offer: " + err.message); } else { console.log("Offer accepted: " + status); if (status == "pending") { community.acceptConfirmationForObject("identitySecret", offer.id, function(err) { if (err) { console.log("Can't confirm trade offer: " + err.message); } else { console.log("Trade offer " + offer.id + " confirmed"); } }); } } });} }); 334 / 5 000 Результаты перевода Перевод Через некоторое время менеджер.on('newOffer', function(offer) перестает работать и появляется строка console.log("Новое предложение #" + Offer.id + " from " + Offer.partner.getSteam3RenderedID() + Offer. message) Когда я вручную перезапускаю код, потоки становятся видимыми после использования useAccessToken. Steam_accept.js
  8. ummm i have a problem idk y this is happening can anyone diagnose? the below is the only connection logic client.logOn(logOnOptions); client.on('loggedOn', function() { console.log(green,`Logged into Steam ${accname}`); }); setInterval(() => { if (!client.steamID) { client.logOn(logOnOptions); } },600000); // 10 mins 600000 setInterval(() => { if (!client.steamID) { client.logOn(logOnOptions); }else{ client.webLogOn(); } },3600000); // 1 hour 3600000 C:\New folder\node_modules\steam-user\components\09-logon.js:49 let alreadyConnectingError = new Error('Already attempting to log on, cannot log on again'); ^ Error: Already attempting to log on, cannot log on again at SteamUser.logOn (C:\New folder\node_modules\steam-user\components\09-logon.js:49:32) at Timeout._onTimeout (C:\New folder\mainimprovements.js:788:20) at listOnTimeout (node:internal/timers:573:17) at process.processTimers (node:internal/timers:514:7) Node.js v21.7.1
  9. My cancellation settings are also not taking effect, and I'm not sure why. dota2 can work but csgo can not work...
  10. "cancelTime: 600000" has no effect on "Csgo2" but is effective for "Dota2." How can I set it up? useAccessToken :true ok good
  11. you can update node-steam-tradeoffer-manager and node-steamcommunity and add "useAccessToken": true, like @JVz said and try again
  12. Recently i've stumbled upon this forum, because of my issue getting thousands of floats every second using inspect links. I tried many things where I wasn't satisfied. Because of that I found csfloat. I feel like this could help me a lot more to get my desired floats, but I do need help. My issue is that I can't seem to figure out how to get / bulk request floats. I found out if I run the index.js I have to go to localhost and I get this error: {"error":"Invalid Inspect Link Structure","code":2,"status":400} So I looked at the github and found that I had to parse the link. So I did and instead it does nothing, but load the entire time. I hope you can give me some feedback or help or an example, because I have been stuck here for a while... https://github.com/csfloat/inspect
  13. is this the one where they mark your account as compromised and you have to unblock it via steam support?
  14. I use https://github.com/csfloat/inspect, use the node-steam-user, I always to found the problem RangeError [ERR_BUFFER_OUT_OF_BOUNDS]: Attempt to access memory outside buffer bounds at new NodeError (node:internal/errors:399:5) at boundsError (node:internal/buffer:86:11) at Buffer.readUInt32LE (node:internal/buffer:222:5) at TCPConnection._readMessage (/usr/src/csgofloat/node_modules/steam-user/components/connection_protocols/tcp.js:182:33) at Socket.emit (node:events:513:28) at emitReadable_ (node:internal/streams/readable:590:12) at onEofChunk (node:internal/streams/readable:568:5) at readableAddChunk (node:internal/streams/readable:275:5) at Readable.push (node:internal/streams/readable:234:10) at TCP.onStreamRead (node:internal/stream_base_commons:232:12) { code: 'ERR_BUFFER_OUT_OF_BOUNDS'
  15. Reduced number of requests necessary to get full inventory contents (by @nolddor in #340) Full Changelog: v3.48.2...v3.48.3 View on GitHub
  16. Fixed issue where boolean properties of EconItem might not be properly decoded View on GitHub
  17. you should add "useAccessToken": true, to tradeoffermanager constructor
  18. Earlier
  19. Yeah, that makes sense. Will have to implement my own function to retrieve the inventory using "IEconItems_440". Thanks!
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