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McKay Development

The purpose of these forums, and what doesn't belong here

Dr. McKay

These forums exist to help consumers of my public, freely-available libraries and modules with implementation details and confusion. If you've got a bot and you're unsure about how to perform a specific task in it, this is the right place to ask. If you know how to do a specific task but it doesn't appear to be working properly, this is also the right place to ask.

If you're trying to learn JavaScript and you're confused about some JavaScript concept, this is not the right place to ask. I don't have time to teach people how to program, and there are many good, free resources online that you can use to learn. Threads which don't demonstrate an understanding of fundamental JavaScript concepts are likely to be ignored.

If you don't know where to start creating a bot in the first place, you're probably better off at Codecademy, Stack Overflow, or similar other sites.

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