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  1. In that example, put it where it says "sharedSecret".
  2. The "move authenticator" feature hasn't been implemented in node, to my knowledge.
  3. Yeah, that does seem like the identity secret is wrong. It's possible that it's being corrupted when fed into your env var, since secrets can contain special characters that might break in terminal input.
  4. That's not presently a supported feature, but 1.4.0 was just published which adds the ability for you to pass in a custom https.Agent, which would allow you to bind to a particular local address.
  5. No reason I'd expect it not to work. It's the same game.
  6. I've never seen Revoked come through the error event, it should be LogonSessionReplaced for this issue. That said, logonID might not be working for you because it's supposed to be an integer, but Math.random() * 100000000 will instead return a float. You should round it with Math.floor().
  7. steam-user 4.29.0 is what fixed your problem. Prior to that version, steam-user used the old sentryfile system, which Steam doesn't use anymore.
  8. Cannot reproduce. I set up my inventory with 333 untradable gems and 1,097 tradable gems, then tried to create a 1,200 gem booster pack and I got the expected error 78 ValueOutOfRange.
  9. https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steam-user#machine-auth-tokens steam-user will automatically handle saving and using your machine auth token, but if you're running in an environment where persistent storage isn't possible, you can use the machineAuthToken event to save a token somewhere yourself, and then use it again by passing machineAuthToken to logOn().
  10. Looks like you're calling getPersonas before you're logged on.
  11. Yes, those cookies can be used on steamcommunity.com. Are you using them on a different IP than where you generated them? That can cause issues. Otherwise, I don't know why it wouldn't be working based on your description.
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