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  1. Steam is Steam and Steam sucks. It happens sometimes and you should probably either delay a little while before marking a trade as definitively closed, or otherwise allow for reopening trades in whatever system or database you're using if the offer should become Accepted.
  2. Because you're mixing up async and sync. forEach returns before your requests complete. Also, rather than looping through the friend list, you should split it into chunks of 100 and make one request per chunk, to avoid getting rate limited by the API.
  3. Sorry, I don't know. I wouldn't be surprised if Valve just hardcoded a list of items that can't be put into storage units in the game client.
  4. That schema entry is pointing to a musickit_prefab prefab. Check the prefabs section for an item by that name, and use that as a base for the item's data. I don't plan to decode every individual attribute onto the item object since there are tons of them. If you need to check the value of an attribute that isn't already decoded, you'll just need to decode it yourself.
  5. A little bit of both. Mostly I used Charles Proxy to snoop on the traffic, but these days that requires a rooted phone if you're using Android since apps won't trust user-installed root certificates by default.
  6. Make multiple requests. steamcommunity.com has stricter limits.
  7. It could be that you're running into rate limits. Checking multiple users for VAC bans is better done with the WebAPI.
  8. Ah yeah, there is a problem, but your fix doesn't properly fix it. Here's the proper fix: client.on('friendsList', function() { let friends = Object.keys(client.myFriends).filter(steamId => client.myFriends[steamId] == SteamUser.EFriendRelationship.Friend)); console.log('All Friends: ' + friends.length); });
  9. Sounds like you aren't providing valid SteamIDs.
  10. steam-user is specifically intended to implement the Steam client protocol. Anything that must be done via web should go in node-steamcommunity.
  11. What is the error you're getting?
  12. If you're trying to get your own friends list and you're already using steam-user for other things, then you might as well just use steam-user for that. Although your code can be simplified to: client.on('friendsList', function() { let friends = Object.keys(client.myFriends.filter(relationship => SteamUser.EFriendRelationship.Friend)); console.log('All Friends: ' + friends.length); }); Your code as written will also include people who you've sent a friend request to, people who've sent a request to you, and blocked users as friends. If you're not already using some other feature in steam-user, then it'd be easier to just use the WebAPI. And if you're trying to get someone else's friends list, you'll have to use the WebAPI.
  13. There's a limit on logon attempts (failed or successful). I don't know exactly what the limit or cooldown is, but I think it's somewhere around 10 per hour.
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