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  1. The documentation is on GitHub. I would need to see the entire error output to help you with that at all.
  2. You're using the automatic confirmation checker, which has had this notice on its documentation page for 3.5 years:
  3. There is no timeout for connection attempts because when Steam goes down, it can stay down for a while and we want to be able to reconnect automatically. Add this and you can get some more descriptive output: client.on('debug', (msg) => console.log(msg));
  4. https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steamcommunity/wiki/CSteamUser#commentmessage-callback
  5. id and assetid are the same thing, both property names are used for convenience. To identify an item, you'd need to check the appid + contextid + assetid combo. See also:
  6. The error event is only emitted (in this module) when you get disconnected from Steam, and the module will not attempt to auto-reconnect. Handling the error event isn't going to act like handling the uncaughtException event; it's not going to prevent crashes for other errors besides Steam disconnects.
  7. Connection errors are communicated through the error event. If you don't handle error on an EventEmitter, then Node.js will terminate the process.
  8. No, the only way you can tell if an item is currently in a trade is to pull your list of active trade offers and see if it's in there. There is no indication in the inventory that an item is in an active trade offer.
  9. No idea, that's entirely up to the game's developer.
  10. Presently the only way I'm aware of to handle that is to scrape and parse that page.
  11. steam-user will automatically reconnect when it can if Steam goes down. Once it reconnects it will automatically renegotiate its web session. It will still be necessary to refresh your web session with webLogOn from time to time, but not as a response to Steam outages.
  12. You shouldn't be using relog when your web session expires. Just call webLogOn and webSession will get emitted again.
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