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  1. You can't retrieve multiple users' inventories at once, if that's what you're asking.
  2. Yes, once you're logged on you can check the publicIP property of the SteamUser object.
  3. Your proxy refused your connection.
  4. Rust uses Steam Inventory Service. It's possible that you might be able to use the SplitItemStack API method. I've never tried using it.
  5. Check what the actual error message is in the err.
  6. You can use the array filter function to filter an inventory to a specific set of items.
  7. It's definitely a good idea for busy bots to prune their polldata once in a while. It should probably be done automatically by the module, but for the moment it needs to be done manually. I have a new major version in the works; I'll see about adding auto-pruning to it.
  8. I misread your code the first time. Looks like your problem is actually that addAccount doesn't return anything.
  9. Yes, promotional free licenses are not the same as free-on-demand licenses. Those have to be added through the store site. You can use steamstore's addFreeLicense method to acquire a promotional free license.
  10. accounts is always going to be empty when your /log listener executes, so no accounts will get added and nothing will be returned. I misread the code.
  11. Use the game's appid with requestFreeLicense, not the packageid you want. Steam will figure out which package to give you.
  12. Not at the moment, and it's unlikely to be supported in the future due to the potential for spam.
  13. marketSearch({appid: 730}, (err, results) => { ... });
  14. The mistake is in your code. marketSearch only takes two arguments, options and callback. Remove the 730 and false.
  15. I don't believe there's a limit.
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