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  1. Can you verify the sessionExpired event is actually getting emitted? It can only get emitted if the module can verify with certainty that your session isn't valid anymore; getting a private inventory response isn't sufficient verification.
  2. Not really. In theory, the code to support this could be written, but I don't see what useful purpose it would serve. And you wouldn't be able to report as a VAC-secured server.
  3. About all you could do is repeatedly send the MOTD message, but that would presumably make the page reload every time.
  4. You need to filter the inventory to find the "Gems" item, and set its amount property to 1.
  5. Yeah, that would work. You shouldn't need to worry about security as long as the bot's web server is only listening on localhost.
  6. Created an issue for this: Steam awards · Issue #271 · DoctorMcKay/node-steamcommunity (github.com)
  7. For the most part, if you just call webLogOn every 30 minutes, you should be fine.
  8. There are a few different criteria that are checked when determining if an error warrants emitting the sessionExpired event. As a general rule, it gets emitted if a page redirects to /login. Valve being Valve, they're incredibly inconsistent as to how they communicate that you aren't logged in. The request for getting notifications returns 401, which isn't one of the criteria that emits sessionExpired. It probably should be, but I'll have to check to see if there are any other edge cases that might arise by adding 401 responses as an indicator to emit sessionExpired.
  9. Be aware that if you're upgrading from v3 to v4, you need to check to make sure your code is compatible with the breaking changes in v4: Release v4.0.0 · DoctorMcKay/node-steam-user (github.com)
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