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  1. By sleeping synchronously, you're preventing the module from actually sending the message over the network. You should almost never sleep synchronously in JavaScript. You're looking for the setTimeout function.
  2. It's no longer possible to change your email or password via the Steam client. It must be done via the help site, and there isn't any module that can do this for you, to my knowledge.
  3. You can't import secrets into the official Steam app at all. You'd be subject to the hold, although I think if you uninstall the authenticator then re-enable it directly from the app without first disabling it, then you only get hit with 3 days of hold. I think.
  4. Just [offer.partner]. You need to either pass a SteamID object or a string that can parse into one. Passing just an accountid won't work.
  5. I suppose theoretically it would be possible if you used a bot to get some new cookies for steamcommunity.com, then requested steamcommunity.com/chat with those cookies and proxied the response back to the browser.
  6. That looks like a bug in the module that's triggered by some weird, rare message from Steam. I'll fix it in the next update. https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steam-user/issues/283
  7. The only issue should be if you get a new moderator or if you change roles, although I grant that it would be ideal to not have those be issues at all. Eventually I'm sure I'll add some events to alert you when a new member joins, when a member's roles are updated, and when role permissions are updated. I'm not sure I'll ever end up adding a method like you suggest though, since that would require steam-user to keep knowledge of chat rooms' states (it doesn't currently), although I can see how that would be useful.
  8. I've not verified whether this works, but reading over the docs it seems like this would be the way you'd check if a user has a given permission: Call setSessionActiveGroups on startup to get Chat Room Group State Record the Chat Room Member data from Chat Room Group State. This data includes member role IDs. Record the Chat Room Group Header State data from Chat Room Group State. This data includes Chat Role Actions. When you want to see if a member has the permission you want to check, look them up in the Chat Room Member list from Chat Room Group State, and see in Chat Role Actions if the roles that map to their role IDs include the permission you want to check.
  9. That just kind of happens, in my experience. Not sure why. I'd advise just using passwords instead.
  10. Sorry, this isn't currently available.
  11. With new Steam chat, incoming trade offers are also delivered as a message, I believe using the [tradeoffer] bbcode. You need to check if the message contains only bbcode and ignore it.
  12. To get which apps have card drops available, you'll have to scrape the badges page. There's no better way to get that data. You can check how I did it in Steam-Card-Farmer for help. To exclude "basic apps", you'd want to filter out appids that are granted to you only by package id 0.
  13. There's no reason why it should ever be 12, that isn't used internally or anything. Maybe Steam is just really really fussy for your account or something? Maybe 12 is a value used internally by Valve for something and something's buggy with your offer(s). Could you set up a script to monitor the API directly and alert if it notices a value of 12?
  14. What is the oldState when it emits when you believe it shouldn't?
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