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  1. Do you know where exactly that error is coming from?
  2. You likely do need to set the proxy on your steam-user instance as well.
  3. Unfortunately, the data received from the GC (what you get via node-tf2) is incredibly messy and there's like a dozen conditions you need to check to see whether an item is untradable/uncraftable. It's probably not worth your time doing and you should probably just pull that data from the web instead, but if you really want to, a starting point is that a few conditions that determine uncraftability is a flag in the flags field, an "achievement" origin, a "tradable after date" attribute, and a "never tradable" attribute. That's not an exhaustive list though.
  4. That looks correct, just uncomment your "community": community line.
  5. You're rate limited. You're making too many requests somewhere.
  6. That's a good point on the already logged on error, although for the others I don't really think it's worth being concerned about. It should not be possible to be missing a CM list since it's retrieved from the WebAPI and the library falls back to a bundled list if that fails. I'll see about making it possible to handle the already logged on error.
  7. received = received.filter(offer => offer.state == TradeOfferManager.ETradeOfferState.Active)
  8. manager.on('sentOfferChanged', (offer, oldState) => { // This is the callback // offer.id is the ID of the trade offer that changed });
  9. No, that kind of thing would be a trade secret I'd imagine.
  10. Sure, have fun with that.
  11. If you're already keeping track of offer IDs paired with discord user data, then you should just have one sentOfferChanged handler and check the offer.id inside of that callback.
  12. You should only have one sentOfferChanged handler. You should not add a new handler every time you send a trade.
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