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  1. Today I found out that having a mobile phone with the steam chat app (running in the background) connected to the same account will override the personaState set in node-steam user. There are two exceptions to this however, LookingToTrade and LookingToPlay are not overridden by the phone. (force) Closing the app will resolve the issue and make node-steam-user work correctly. It is worth noting that the Away and Snooze personaState for some reason produce a phone icon behind ones name, even if there is no phone connected at that moment. (setUIMode is not used.) Thanks for your effort and time.
  2. Recently (In the last few months) the function setPersona state partly broke. The persona still changes and updates if you set the persona to be Online, but setting it to Away, Busy or Snooze will not have any effect. the setPersona function is called using a value from `EPersonaState.js` (https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steam-user/blob/master/enums/EPersonaState.js). When setting the persona to a value of 2, 3, 4, 7 or 8, steam will not update the persona. It is worth noting that persona state 5 and 6 (LookingToTrade/Play) still work perfectly fine. I have added a code snippet of how I set my persona state below. this._steam = new SteamUser({ dataDirectory: dataDir }); // Login to steam, and wait for the 'loggedOn' event. // The following is tried with a number of states defined in the EPersonaState.js this._steam.setPersona( SteamUser.EPersonaState["Busy"] ); I then used the official steam client to check the effective personaState, which was only updated if it was set to offline, LookingToTrade or LookingToPlay. Setting the persona to another value such as Away still worked a few months ago. Another notable effect is that node-steam-user still receives a correct persona update event if the persona is being set to invisible, but the persona is NOT updated in other steam clients. states such as Away and Busy don't receive any steam persona update event.
  3. After deleting all node_modules and reinstalling all dependencies, the V4 beta 4 does not ask for a second steamGuard login if I use the loginKey supplied by the 'loginKey' event and do not supply a password, but do supply the username. let loginKey = fs.readFileSync(path).toString();this.client.logOn({"accountName": username,"rememberPassword": true,"loginKey": loginKey}); this works, and does not ask for a steamGuard login every time. If I cleanup the storage of the loginKey, I can let the user store and login to multiple accounts.
  4. Hello, I am trying to create a simple chat application that works with steam. But every time i have the user login, the user has to enter his steamGuard code, even when the sentryfiles are being saved to the dataDirectory. my steam-user object is made as follows: this.options = { autoRelogin: true, promptSteamGuardCode: false };this.client = new SteamUser(this.options); I currently login using: this.client.logOn({"accountName": username,"password": pass,"rememberPassword": true}); I also tried the setSentry method before calling the logOn method. this.client.setSentry(fs.readFileSync(path));Where path is the location of the sentryFile, i can see the sentry.USERNAME.bin files in my appdata. I also tried logging in with the loginKey recieved from the rememberPassword option, with no success. How do i make the steamGuard a one-time only thing, like it is supposed to be? I am probably missing something very simple. I have tried steam-user 4.0.0-beta.4 and 3.29.2, both have the same effect. Thanks for the effort beforehand, Iron.
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