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    Midmines reacted to Dr. McKay in can't checkWalletCode()   
    Steam changed how wallet codes are redeemed. GitHub issue here.
    I will fix this as soon as I can, hopefully in the next day or two.
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    Midmines reacted to Dr. McKay in Build script auto Redeem SWC   
    Sure, you could use steamstore for this.
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    Midmines reacted to SnaBe in Chat messages with some specific input (multiple lines)   
    Yes, it's possible to have "inputs" in a message or command. 
    To do so, you'll have to learn about regex.
    Here's an example:
    //Act on chat messages & commands client.on('friendMessage', (steamID, message) => { //Command place holder var cmd; //Does the message match our buy command if(cmd = message.match(/^!buy (\d+) (\D+)/i)) { //The amount to buy (input string to number) var amount = Number(cmd[1]); //The item to buy (input string) var item = cmd[2]; //Log the regex values console.log(`User ${steamID} would like to purchase ${amount} of ${item}`); //Call your function that takes these two values as arguments. sellItem(steamID, amount, item); } }); In the example above we're looking for a buy command match. The string has to start with !buy, contain a number & a set of characters. For numbers only we use 'd' & for characters we use 'D'. The number is the amount of an item to buy, while the charaters is the item's name. We can access these values by using the following notation cmd[1]. Here 1 is the first regex match & cmd[2] is the second one.
    The (), \ & + all have different uses, escpeially when it comes to matching something from a string using regex. You can read more about those used in the example above here.
    I hope this helps! 
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