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  1. Thank you for your reply! Using password failed as well, still required steam guard when I tested it on the 2nd case. The 2nd case was: Seq 1: Logged-in with password, prompted steam guard, successful, loginKey updated to db. Seq 2: Tried logging in with loginKey, no invalidpassword error, but prompted steam guard. Seq 3: Logged-in again with password, still prompted steam guard, successful, loginKey updated. Seq 4: Subsequent logins with loginKey works fine and good. I am guessing is it something to do with sentry files writing/corruption/permission? I have
  2. I have this app that allows user/bot to login via web interface, and store the loginKey in db for subsequent logins. Most of the time it works fine, but it will still prompt steam guard for some accounts for the subsequent logins. (Around 16 accounts tested, 2 requires steam guard. Of these two, one tried to login another time with password+steam guard combo, and the subsequent logins worked again without steam guard. All these 2 acc are authenticated by email steam guard. The first time login options are as follow: const logOnOptions = { accountName: msg.data.username, password:
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