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  1. is it possible to get item descriptions without specifying language in the constructor? edit: forgot about this if I set it to 0 and i set a directory in dataDirectory, will it save me memory usage or 0 and 500 does not have much difference?
  2. I am okay with it running 1.5gb2gb but then after around 10-20minutes it crashes with core dump and i have a 3gb server.
  3. is there a way to clear them up? btw: here's my instance of tradeoffermanger steamtrademanager = new TradeOfferManager({ 'steam': steam, 'language': 'en', 'pollInterval': 5 * 1 * 1000, 'cancelTime': 1000 * 60 * settings.canceltime,// has value of 30 'pendingCancelTime': 1000 * 60 * settings.pendingcanceltime // has value of 1 });
  4. it has 250 incoming offer history and 500 sent offer history edit: no pending for both category
  5. sorry for taking too long to reply so, I deleted everything from the directory and the directory itself it is still running around 1.5-1.8gb ram eventhough there's literally no tradable items in the said account compared to the new account where I transferred all of the items, running the same script with just 300-500mb of ram(the buggy account is only run until saving trade-offer-manager cookies)
  6. steps I did, log in set community cookies still(200-300mb) set manager cookies(1.1-1.2gb) after 10-15minutes, node instance crash with core dump nothing else has been started in bot script
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