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  1. hi,doc,can you help me see if this is the right way to use proxy ? it not pass that SteamCommunity instance to the TradeOfferManager constructor as the community property,but it still work and i'm come from china,i can't use node-steam-tradeoffer-manager in my computer,now i only can use it on vps,if i want use in my computer ,how i can set proxy?
  2. I'm sorry,i'm so noob,how to filter the list to only active offers?the EOfferFilter only have three of the following "ActiveOnly": 1, "HistoricalOnly": 2, "All": 3
  3. hi,doc,when i use offlist ,set filter is EOfferFilter.ActiveOnly but there have some historical offers present in the output.how i can only get the active offer?
  4. how i can let node-steam-tradeoffer-manager accept and comfirm them agin?have any example?sorry i have so many noob question
  5. hi,dear doc,i‘m so sorry to trouble you,but I'm really confused,. When i use node-steam-tradeoffer-manager ,it work well for accepted and confirmed new offer,but sometimes it seemed not accepted or confirmed some offer,so always have 1~2 offer left and it not manage this old offer again ,how i can do for this ?I used the same code as the example.
  6. Good day, So I am kind of new to js and this may be a noob question, if it is I am very sorry for asking. when i use node-steam-tradeoffer-manager,how let it not accept offer at first time?i hope it can be accept at random time between 5 and 10 minutes. Thanks!
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