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  1. Oh.. well their bot is not "in game". No idea how they do that tho but w.e. Stay safe dude and ty
  2. Yo Kay, are you sure there is no any way of stacking rust items by the tradeoffers? These guys resent my winnings 3 times, and with every offer the items were getting stacked over and over again. I googled 15 hours and couldnt find anything
  3. Yeah, im using 2 bots for trading, one for storage and one which is used for the withdraws/deposits in one file. They are sending offers each other. If i take amount 2 by item with amount 10 (10 stacks) there will be 2 items with amounts 2 and 8, but i cant really group them back. Thats the point. I guess they have tons of these items in stacks and they are just giving prizes by names and not assetids. No idea how they do it, but yeah. Lets say i deposited 10 items with different asset ids, if i win, they are giving me item with one asset id and amount 10. I guess im rly SOL Still thanks for your help dude. Best of luck and stay safe!
  4. I'm doing research but i can't really find anything for that.
  5. I don't really know how it works, thats why i asked. I wont say name but there is a site where i deposit skins one by one and if i win f.e jackpot, im getting most of them stacked. No idea how are they doing it. Thanks for your replay tho
  6. Hello. I wonder is it possible to stack rust items? For example, i want to group 4 items into one with amount: 4. The red box shows stacked items with amount 33. Is this possible to be done by some module or something? Like i have 100 pants and i want do convert it to one item with amount 100. Thanks in advice, stay safe!
  7. God damn it, i just lost the offer of the user and i can't resend it now. What would you recommend me Mr. Kay? my console log: data: tradebot.js:28916 - Processing offer #4268805339 from XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX data: tradebot.js:28916 - Withdraw needs Confirmation! data: tradebot.js:28916 - Offer confirmed data: tradebot.js:28916 - [STORAGE] Offer #4268805339 is Accepted data: tradebot.js:28916 - Sending offer to tradebot, then to user! data: tradebot.js:28916 - No more offers. Offers: 0 data: tradebot.js:28916 - Sending offer to user! data: tradebot.js:28916 - 3306165020049247722 deleted data: tradebot.js:28916 - 3306165020049247584 deleted data: tradebot.js:28916 - 3306165020049247646 deleted data: tradebot.js:28916 - 5fS4kl5_ data: tradebot.js:28916 - Creating offer for user XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX! data: tradebot.js:28916 - getUserDetails Error:Error: Malformed response // If err => return the withdrew items back to the site's inventory. data: tradebot.js:28916 - RETURNING data: tradebot.js:28916 - Adding data: tradebot.js:28916 - Adding data: tradebot.js:28916 - Adding data: tradebot.js:28916 - Send items to bot! data: tradebot.js:28916 - [Trade return error] Error: Not Logged In data: tradebot.js:28916 - [TradeBot] The Bot has logged in! data: tradebot.js:28916 - [TradeBot] The Bot has logged in! Should i save the new assetids and resend the offer after some time for example with these items, or .. i don't know what to do Im using one file with 2 bots, one for trading and one storage. But sometimes weird errors are coming by... do you think that i need to save the items in some array in my sql table? Because all i do now is get the items by offer.id And by the way, the items were stuck into the trading bot, they couldnt move to the storage.
  8. Yeah, i know err.type does not exist. It was just an example. What do you mean by checking the text? Maybe with IndexOf?
  9. Hello. I've seen many topics about offer.getUserDetails, but i can't understand how it works. All the time i try to send offer to a user that has no mobile steam guard or wrong token for example, im getting error, thrown by getUserDetails, but i can't get the type of this error. For example: Error: There was an error sending your trade offer. Please try again later. Username is not available to trade. More information will be shown to Username if they invite you to trade. Or (wrong token): Error: Trade Offers can only be sent to friends. Username is not on your Steam friends list. I want to catch that error and show the user what the problem is, like if(err){ if(err.type == "not_friends") console.log("Check your tradelink!"); else if(err.type == "no_mobile") console.log("Please use mobile steam guard auth in order to receive offers."); } If there is other way than the one im using, please share. Im currently using: var SendToUser = manager.createOffer(row[0].userid); SendToUser.getUserDetails(function(err, me, them) { if (err) { console.log("getUserDetails Error:" +err); return; } //... });
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