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  1. i can make run the games with gamesPlayed([]) i dont have any problem with it, i just want to do like an auto-restart games , and what im trying to accomplish with it is to not have delayed hours in steam. I was thinking doing it with like a setTimeout or setInterval so it restart every 30 mins , i dont know if it works like that. Something like this but well done: bot.on('error', function(e) { console.log("[" + this.username + "] " + e); setTimeout(function() {bot.doLogin();}, 30*30*1000);
  2. Today i han an idea that i have seen in some hourboost services, and that is to restart the games set in config every 30 minutes. i dont mean to restart the whole session, only the games set in config, so i think i can do it with client.gamePlayed , but im new in this and i dont really know how.
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