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  1. Yes, it is the same item_type (this is why I called it this way). But the problem is that you get in response only the value in gems, you don't know which item_type is which card or background, etc. If I check values between 2 and 40 (maybe?), I may get them all and then separate based on the amount of gems you receive. This will asume to have around 1 milion calls and would most probably won't be accurate.
  2. I believe that too, and I see that for some games there are a few numbers missing from the sequence, probably they removed them afterward. Do you know any other in which I can create the link? I see that steamcardexchange uses this type of link for all their cards. I suppose there might be a way, unless they scrapped all the cards from the badge pages, which I doubt, since you'll need a friend that owns all the cards Thank you!
  3. Hello! After a successful trade, I want to get the item_type (not sure if this is the correct name) for the item(s) - Card, Background, Emoticon or Booster. If you want to send an offer and request a specific item from steam inventory you can do it with this format: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=<steamID3>&token=<token>&for_tradingcard=<appid>_<??> From my research I've seen that the number which correlate with the item is given by the developer and doesn't follow any pattern. Is there a way to get it after the trade is completed or from inventory? If not, any other way to get it in order to create a database. Thank you!
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