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  1. Hello, Dr. McKay. First of all, your packages for Steam are awesome, it seems you really enjoying doing this. Now, going to the point. My name is John and I'm a mobile developer. I'm currently work on an app to display the status of the Steam services by scraping the SteamStatus web page just for mocks (I've developed an API in NodeJS that retrieves that information). But my goal is not scraping (on a production environment), for two purposes: They doesn't accept scraping. So, I don't want to take the risk doing that. I would like to take all the control for my API and checks what I want and add functionality in the future. I've been learning a lot about the Steam API for weeks but, for my point of view, it's not very intuitive in some aspects. E.g.: If I want to check the "Community service status". How can I do that with the API? Or get status of the "Store", or get the count of all people connected on Steam? Or what about Game Coordinators... just with a simple ClientHello msg and ClientWelcome response it's enough? I think you are the best guy to answer me this questions and I believe you handle very well the Steam API and maybe you can help me. The app is not for hobby, I'm working hard on it and I already have an app in the PlayStore (https://dolarbot.com.ar). I'm telling you this because I'm not a kid that is playing with code and just wants to copy/paste from StackOverflow, just I would like to learn how to use the specific methods to reach my goal. If you want more details about my app, or some screenshots, I can show you. Thank you in advanced, John.
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