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  1. Hey! I've did it, but just now I realised it didn't make me any hours, I still have the custom status.
  2. Hello! I got this code for now: bot.on('loggedOn', function() { console.log("["+ Date() + " " + this.username + "] Logged into Steam"); bot.setPersona(SteamUser.EPersonaState.5); bot.gamesPlayed(this.games); and I want to have a custom status saying for example "idling hours" and in the same time have a list of games to idle, the list of games is done already but I can't get the custom status to work with the games, I know you can idle more then 33 games but at that point it doesn't count hours anymore so I want the custom status to be last to be "idled" bot.gamesPlayed(this.games); bot.gamesPlayed("idling hours"); but it didn't work
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