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How to change currency in getMarketItem?

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How to change currency in getMarketItem? Is it possible?

I wanna get price of item in another currency(not usd).

UPD: ye, "Currently, non-USD currencies are not supported." on CMarketItem wiki
When will it be supported? It's very important for me.

UPD2: I've just found another nmp package named "steam-market-pricing" that can help me

UPD3: I was looking for better solution. So(from "steamcommunity\components\CMarketItem.js"):

SteamCommunity.prototype.getMarketItem = function(appid, hashName, currency, callback) {
	if (typeof currency == "function") {
		callback = currency;
		currency = 1;
	var self = this;
	this.httpRequest("https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/" + appid + "/" + encodeURIComponent(hashName), function(err, response, body) {
		if (err) {

		var $ = Cheerio.load(body);
		if($('.market_listing_table_message') && $('.market_listing_table_message').text().trim() == 'There are no listings for this item.') {
			callback(new Error("There are no listings for this item."));

		var item = new CMarketItem(appid, hashName, self, body, $);
		item.updatePrice(currency, function(err) {
			if(err) {
			} else {
				callback(null, item);
	}, "steamcommunity");

Yep. I can set currency. So wiki on github is outdated.
P.S  lowestPrice and highestBuyOrder is set to the correct currency
but medianSalePrices' currency is usd
so, I checked it
medianSalePrices can be converted from usd to XXX by exchange rate
but lowestPrice and highestBuyOrder cant

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