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Exception in PromiseRejectCallback:


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Exception in PromiseRejectCallback:
                        return resolve(user);
RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

today i update the steam-user to 4.19.10 and it show this err, Although it seems not very important for me

when i use old version it wouldn't happen ["steam-user": "^3.15.0"]

and here is some code, this errmessage always show after use websession

client.on('webSession', function(sessionid, cookies) {
	if (Config.autoconfirm!=="") {
		var confirmtime=Config.autoconfirm*1000;
		console.log("\n### 尝试登陆Steam社区\n##  已开启批量确认:",Config.autoconfirm,"秒确认一次,注意不要手动去Steam接受非buff来源的报价,不然你会失去饰品");
	}else {
		console.log("\n### 尝试登陆Steam社区\n##  已关闭批量确认");
	h20vf = "done";

and i login another steamaccount, it wouldn't happen

maybe my main account friend is too many? my main account have 1900 friends

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