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The question above has been solved

How do I make sure that one item is sent to only one user? So that there was no such thing that I sent one item to one, the same one came to the other, and in the end I took only 1

function sendtrade(id) {
	manager.loadInventory(730, 2, true, (err, inventory) => {
		if (err) return console.log(`${err}`);
		if (inventory.length == 0) return console.log("Нечего передавать бро");
		console.log("Found %s steam items",inventory.length);
		const offer = manager.createOffer(id);
		offer.setMessage(`Sent By CSGO Bot`);
		offer.send(function(err, status) {

			if (err) return console.log(err);
			if (status == 'pending') {
				console.log(`Трейд #${offer.id} отправлен, но ждет подтверждения`);
				community.acceptConfirmationForObject(config.lolka, offer.id, function(err) {
					if (err) {
					} else {
						console.log("Трейд успешно подтвержден");
			} else {
				console.log(`Трейд #${offer.id} отправлен успешно`);


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