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  1. Hello, I am having this issue after certain time, and the users can't trade with the bot. I think there's something to check for this error, but I'm not sure what is that event, can someone help me? Thanks a lot!
  2. I've fixed the issue. It was ``addTheirItem`` instead of ``addMyItem``.
  3. I mean to run more bots in one js file. And to pick a random bot every offer sent.
  4. for(var i in inventory) { create.addMyItems({ "assetid": inventory.assetid, "appid": applicationid, "contextid": 1/2 (depends which appid is) }); }
  5. Yes, you can do this by creating an object and then with 'writeFileSync' you write it on a file. And on starting the script call a function 'readFileSync' and for each offer to add it to an object. Then you can do whatever you want. xD
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