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  1. Error: Not Logged In at SteamCommunity.<anonymous> (/node_modules/steam-tradeoffer-manager/lib/classes/TradeOffer.js:486:25) at Request._callback (/node_modules/steamcommunity/components/http.js:67:15) I'm passing a steam community object into my trade offer manager like so var myCommunity = new SteamCommunity(); var client = new SteamUser(); var offerMananger = new TradeOfferManager({ steam: client, language: "en", cancelTime: 300000, community: myCommunity });Sometimes, for whatever reason, as have been stated before, my community session will timeout,
  2. Hello. I have node bot like this which starts via directing to the file and then need to type node bot.js and it sends items from first bot to second and then vice versa but there are a lot of crashes which demolishes my brain. now I have found https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steam-tradeoffer-manager but there is something different, how to run the bot, it seems this is for site but not really sure. can someone help me to configure and run step by step this bot correctly and inform how it works? Regards.
  3. I have several questions that I have been looking for an answer for a long time. Some of my questions are more for a node js, sorry for that. And thanks in advance for your help! 1: If I need to decline/delete incoming offers that were not accepted in 10 minutes, would this be the right? Maybe there are any cases, why can it be a bad option? manager.on("newOffer", (OFFER) => { setTimeout(function() { OFFER.decline(); }, $MINUTE * 10); 2: I have to save completed trades. If not - sometimes some of them work 2-3 times. Why? // "pollInterval": "10000", // "dataDirectory": "./po
  4. Sometimes pollFailure event is emitted and gives the error below. { Error: socket hang up at createHangUpError (_http_client.js:323:15) at TLSSocket.socketOnEnd (_http_client.js:426:23) at TLSSocket.emit (events.js:203:15) at endReadableNT (_stream_readable.js:1145:12) at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:63:19) code: 'ECONNRESET' } My script is running on AWS. So there shouldn't be any issues with the network.
  5. Hello, i have a problem with multiple TradeOfferManagers, in this example the first console.log returns a name for a different account then the second console.log. How is this possible? let offer = managers[x].createOffer(new SteamID(steamId), token); offer.getUserDetails((err, me, them) => { console.log(me.personaName); console.log(managers[x].steamID.getSteamID64());
  6. const client = new SteamUser();client.setOption("localAddress",logInConfig.publicIP);const logInOptions = { accountName: logInConfig.accountName, password: logInConfig.password, twoFactorCode: SteamTotp.generateAuthCode(logInConfig.sharedSecret)}; const community = new SteamCommunity({ localAddress:logInConfig.publicIP});const manager = new TradeOfferManager({ steam: client, community: community, language: "en", cancelOfferCount: 30});client.logOn(logInOptions);Will the manager use the logInConfig.publicIP?
  7. const manager = new TradeOfferManager({ steam: client, community: community, language: "en"}); manager.on("sentOfferChanged ", function (offer,oldState) { console.log(`Sent offer changed:` + offer.state);}); sentOfferChanged doesnt emit, the only time it emits something is when I send an offer that needs to be confirmed (ETradeOfferState = 9). Do I have to call doPoll() manually or Iam missing something?
  8. Just since 8 hours ago, my bot stop working, it does not accept trade-offers. so when I tried to restart it, I get stuck in setCookies() portion, it gives error 403. I logged in my accounts, check community market, I can purchase just fine. Checked badge pages, can craft just fine. It seems all of my accounts that I idle in ASF stopped working too.
  9. I've fixed the issue. It was ``addTheirItem`` instead of ``addMyItem``.
  10. Hello, I've had code I was using frequently about ~1 year ago. Rerunning the code today, I get the Steam Error Code 55 on every trade offer I try to send. I've updated all the packages, code hasn't changed a bit. Could anyone provide an explanation of what error code 55 "Remote Call Failed" means? Thanks.
  11. I have a function that runs on average about 2 minutes. console.log(currentTime() + " START"); community.getSteamUser... if (DATA.onlineState == "online"... let trade = manager.createOffer... manager.getUserInventoryContents... for (let i in BotSets.BaseSets) {.... } for (let i in BotSets.FoilSets) {.... } // ---------------------------- INV = INV.filter((ITEM) => ITEM.getTag("item_class").internal_name == "item_class_2"); console.log(currentTime() + " TEST, STEP 05-A"); INV = INV.filter((ITEM) => ITEM.market_hash_name.indexOf("470480-
  12. Removed anonymous usage statistics reporting View on GitHub
  13. How can I find out what item the user wants to receive? 1. I want to continue if item name = "Abc name Trading Card" 2. If not, decline assetid/classid change very often and the code stops working. manager.on("newOffer", (OFFER) => { console.log(OFFER); if (OFFER.itemsToGive.length == 1 && (OFFER.itemsToGive[0].id == "10964018350" || OFFER.itemsToGive[0].id == "11724177271" )) { // accept TradeOffer { partner: SteamID { universe: 1, type: 1, instance: 1, accountid: 23587203 }, id: '3695907410', message: '', state: 2, itemsToGive: [ EconItem { appid: 753,
  14. I want to keep track of what item I have sent to a partner. For an example: I have 10 SAME* items that I want to giveaway to random users. But I need to track which item I have sent, so I don't send 1 unique item to 2 persons as a trade offer. * By same I mean items with the same market_hash_name So my questions are: does assetid change? can I use just "id" to track which items I have sent? can an item have no assetid? can one or more items have the same assetid in ONE inventory Thanks in advance
  15. var offer = manager.createOffer(partnerId);offer.getUserDetails(function (err, them) {if(err){console.log(`Error getting trade info of partnerId; ${partnerId}\nerr:${err}`);}else{console.log(them.escrowDays);console.log(them.contexts);}}); Before I want to send an offer, I want to check the partner inventory. what will console.log(them.contexts); print? I can't test it because my bot account can't trade till 15 days are passed. Does it just print the contexts of the games that the partner have? If this is the case, is manager.getUserInventoryContents the way to get trade?
  16. now,i use this ways, first accept all offer, then i send a message to my bot ,to confirm i want offer if (message.indexOf("@confirm") >=0) { if (steamID == Config.admin) { community.acceptConfirmationForObject(Config.identity, message.replace("@confirm ",""), function(err){ if(err){ console.log(' Cant confirmed the offer. Please try again later'); client.chatMessage(Config.admin, "HI admin: Cant confirmed the offer"); } else { console.log(' Succesfully confirmed the offer.'); client.chatMessage(Config.admin, "HI admin: Offer was succe
  17. Hey there, I'm such a newbie in steambot coding. The main objective of the code would be that the bot should request a cs:go / tf2 key from a user who sends the command "!order" via trade offers. My current state is that the bot creates the offer but there's always an error because I get the error: "Cannot send an empty trade offer." Is there anything which I'm too blind to see? Thanks in advance! My code: function checkKeys(steamID) { var theirKeys = []; var amountOfKeysToAdd = 1; manager.getUserInventoryContents(steamID, config.keysFromCSGO && config.keysFromTF2, 2, true, funct
  18. I want to create bot with automatic sending spesific trading card with spesific input //the conversation A: !badges 570 2 BOT: Sending 2sets of Dota 2 A: !badges 440 5 BOT: Sending 5sets of Team Fortress 2 //my spesific input ... client.on("friendMessage", function(steamID, message) { var msg; if (steamID == account.owner){ ... else if (msg = message.match(/^!badges(\d+) (\d+))) { var appID = msg[1]; var count = msg[2]; client.chatMessage(steamID, "..."); } } else{ ... } ... Can anyone help me to get the code?
  19. Hi, if someone can help me out with this i dont rl know how to build this and i created such a mess here with all of this code... I tryed to search up everywhere and i cant find similar problem... I have prices database in database.json file witch bot loads and then u can acces to !prices <item name>, similar to that i created !buy <item name> command witch is triggered when user insert name of item witch exist in database.json and in bots inventory(inventory.json)... After that bot needs to create offer with this items witch are selected...There i start having some issues. Down
  20. I was doing some tests in one of my projects that use this module, and i noticed that de polling sometimes requests to much ram, after get further the module in github, the "problem", seems to be that to much information is cached in the LeastUsedCache(), this happens only when there is a that bot account has to many items i suppose.. so having that in mind, i have a question that can possibly lower the ram usage, what if we use a mongoDB or something alike to store that data intead(as an option to implement of course), this would only be useful in some cases like mine, but it might improve
  21. Added options:assetCacheMaxItemsassetCacheGcInterval View on GitHub
  22. I cant seem to find a craft-able property in the econ item object can someone point to it in this object bellow, thanks! EconItem {appid: 440, contextid: '2', assetid: '7846925808', classid: '11040732', instanceid: '11040552', amount: 1, missing: false, est_usd: '92', icon_url: 'fWFc82js0fmoRAP-qOIPu5THSWqfSmTELLqcUywGkijVjZULUrsm1j-9xgEYeQocWAndqzBCjM31Mv6NGucF1Yps5MQEjDM6xlF5Y7uwMjQxIlfHVaEOXqNso1rpCnJmuZ5hUIaw8blIOVK4ag0bm_o', icon_url_large: 'fWFc82js0fmoRAP-qOIPu5THSWqfSmTELLqcUywGkijVjZULUrsm1j-9xgEYeQocWAndqzBCjM31Mv6NGucF1Yps5MQEjDM6xlF5Y7uwMjQxIlfHVaEOXqNso1rpCnJmuZ5hUIa
  23. I get a number of different errors when running the bot and they are always to do with the offers. This is what I have so far with the new offer for a stranger and the owner offer stuff. Just to let anyone know this bot sells TF2 Scrap for Steam Emoticons. The Code: manager.on('newOffer', (offer) => { let counter = 0 if (offer.itemsToGive.length == offer.itemsToReceive.length) { for (let i = 0; i < offer.itemsToGive.length; i++) { if (offer.itemsToReceive[i].type.includes("Emoticon") && offer.itemsToGive[i].name == "Scrap Metal") { counter++ }
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