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  1. I'm using the c# SteamBot actually, and I didn't find nothing like that getReceivedItems in the trades classes :/ If you know if there is such function in the c# project, it would be a great help But I'll keep looking. If i don't find anything I guess I can make it on my own if i take a look to the node project, and even later make a PR to the Github project, so it will help more users. Thanks anyway!
  2. So there isn't any easy way to link an item the bot received to the original owner? In my project we may need to give items back to the user. If the items can change their names and their 5 IDs after a trade or something, we'll have to figure out a guaranteed way to make sure that we will always know who were the owners of the items, and this sounds too much difficult... Can anyone here help me with this?
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