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  1. So, just to be sure, Steam only guarantees an assetid to be unique at any specific given point in time rather than over the entire existence of the app's global inventory, but the implementation of the system that Valve used for their own games guarantees that assetid's are assigned through incrementing and thus it is reasonable to assume that those specifically will always be unique?
  2. Thank you for this helpful thread. I do have a question though; you mentioned that an asset id will be unique in an app in a specific context, but will (new) asset id's caused by new or traded items -always- be different from any asset id that has ever existed within the app and context, regardless of which user's inventory it's in? This worries me because I'm not sure whether I should account for duplicate asset id's over time or across different inventories when old asset id's might get reused, or will that never happen and will they always be unique no matter how many transactions happen within the app across the whole of Steam? Thank you in advance.
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