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  1. So the most reasonable thing might be to use the market hash name as the unique field and just ignore any extra attributes. Not sure how well this works for other games like Dota though, I heard they have a lot of item customization.
  2. I know this is thread is more about steam in general and does not apply much to specific games I still thought this would be the best place to ask. Do you happen to know how the CS:GO id system works? Most of the time, the classId uniquely identifies a type of weapon, so all USP-S Blue Spruce (Field Tested) (without stickers or stattrak) will have the same classId but a different instanceId, but sometimes there's 2 identical weapons with the same description tags but different classIds. Instead the InstanceId of these items is the same. How would one go about building a table to look up descriptions without the classId matching consistently. http://i.imgur.com/0Zeqsmd
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