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  1. But using websockets wouldn't necesarilly be the best way to make a deposit/withdraw system? I have looked around on big sites such as opskins or sites likes csgoempire/csgoroll or that gambling crap but they don't seem to be using websockets, which makes me wondering again what they do use for these kinds of systems, that's why I was thinking about not using socket.io because users could also try to send their own requests.
  2. If I want to connect my website and node.js server I would need to put the ip of the server in my source code but isn't this unsafe because everyone is able to see this if you use javascript, and people could like attack it or something? Also is using socket.io generally the 'best' way to connect a bot and a website or would using socket.io be called 'non-proffesional' and what other options exist? I also haven't seen a big site using socket.io so that makes me wondering, or do they hide it somehow?
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