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  1. idk when and how im getting error, but im getting it sometimes i use proxy in SteamUser constructor
  2. yes, but when i get error inside the function, the function calls again with err
  3. client.getTradeURL(function(err, details) { if(err) return console.log("error: " + err); console.log(badvar); });log: error: ReferenceError: badvar is not defined
  4. user.on('error', function(e) { log(username, "error: " + JSON.stringify(e)); log(username, e);}); Sometimes returns "{}" log:[y6p123] error: {}[y6p123] } Why?
  5. I want handle 'FriendMessagesClient.NotifyAckMessageEcho#1' message, it's possible?
  6. this one yes, my problem. but i just wanna know how can i send a message to my group using gid or link group? Any method? Thanks for your answer
  7. also user.joinChat('103582791438529221', function(result){ console.log(result); }); returns 'Limited' why?
  8. is possible with node-steam-user or node-steamcommunity?
  9. i dont really know how can i do this, how can i get chat room id?
  10. how can i send a message to group using gid or url?
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