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  1. Hello, recently i saw your post about get game ticket. is there anyway to get PUBG game Ticket ? GetEncryptedAppTicket wont work it gives me a error client.on("loggedOn", function (dataAndEvents) { console.log("[bOT] Signed in!");client.getEncryptedAppTicket(578080, function(err,ticket){ console.log(ticket);});}); it gives undefined var... is there anyway to get the ticket like in SteamWorks : Using this function greenworks.getAuthSessionTicket((data) => { ticket = data.ticket.toString('hex').toUpperCase();console.log(ticket); resolve(ticket); }, (err) => {console.log('err'); reject(err); }); it returns something like this : 14000000AA709D6426279EE4DF689D1901001001DBEF735A180000000100000002000000A961CDB14E0FA8C0288A2C0021000000B20000003200000004000000DF689D190100100120D20800A961CDB14E0FA8C000000000D2DF735A528F8F5A0100844002000000000090A62D0F6CDB2A5F4E54A765AAD6D477A384ECF2DAF14CC7FA13A7E925FC7999FB53990D7AC185A77793C559481A674FCBF98774A9F723590940032FA61CB3CC6C19E931D55A19ADB0CEE94DBDF6104BC9FE5F97F8BBDA968F2E2FAD52C305B250DD8E6E3C8C317E960996F1F1AEBA774D602C14E5CE4989F30AB231D5B54355
  2. Hey I wanted to create a bot that farms hours on a few games and if I (player) start let's say CS:GO. The bot will give an error: Logged into Steam Boosting our hours on chosen games ... Set state to Snooze // starting CS:GO here { Error: LoggedInElsewhere at SteamUser._handleLogOff (C:\Users\Admin\node_modules\steam-user\components\logon.js:400:11) at SteamUser._handlers.(anonymous function) (C:\Users\Admin\node_modules\steam-user\components\logon.js:380:7) at SteamUser._handleMessage (C:\Users\Admin\node_modules\steam-user\components\messages.js:235:30) at emitThree (events.js:136:13) at CMClient.emit (events.js:217:7) at CMClient._netMsgReceived (C:\Users\Admin\node_modules\steam-user\node_modules\steam-client\lib\cm_client.js:323:8) at CMClient.handlers.(anonymous function) (C:\Users\Admin\node_modules\steam-user\node_modules\steam-client\lib\cm_client.js:603:8) at CMClient._netMsgReceived (C:\Users\Admin\node_modules\steam-user\node_modules\steam-client\lib\cm_client.js:305:24) at emitOne (events.js:116:13) at TCPConnection.emit (events.js:211:7) eresult: 6 } This is the bot's code: var colors = require("colors"); const SteamUser = require("steam-user"); const client = new SteamUser(); const logOnOptions = { accountName: "u", password: "p", }; autoRelogin = true; //correct? client.logOn(logOnOptions); client.on("loggedOn", () => { console.log("Logged into Steam".green); client.gamesPlayed(["Boosting Hours", 20, 70, 50, 9480, 300, 40, 130, 10, 730]); console.log("Boosting our hours on chosen games ...".yellow); client.setPersona(SteamUser.Steam.EPersonaState.Snooze); console.log("Set state to Snooze".blue); }); client.on('error', function (err) { console.log(err); client.gamesPlayed(["Boosting Hours", 20, 70, 50, 9480, 300, 40, 130, 10, 730]); }); I'm not sure if I need to use the autoRelogin boolean. I do know I need to handle the error. Not sure how to. So my thought now was to just add the gamesPlayed function again to start those games when the errors appear. But my thought of creating the bot was: // Farm bot 1. Log in on the account 2. Run a check if the account is already playing game(s) (with interval, so it constantly checks) 3. If it is playing a game -> do nothing 4. If it is not playing any games -> start idling a list of games 5. Also handle the LoggedInElsewhere? I'm learning C++ atm. And this is how I start my projects. Writing down what I want my program to do. And turn the text into code. I just can't with JS. Simply because I don't understand the language that well. Trust me, I don't like being spoonfed but I just can't code from scratch with JS. If anyone is planning to spoonfeed me. Do know I'd love some explaination. Otherwise I cannot learn from it. Best regards Ruben.
  3. Is there some clever way to get a list of packageid's, that contain a certain appid, without building an entire database of existing packages? I don't want to scrape steamdb.info either.
  4. i have windows and i test it and runs all ok but when i want to use centos 7 to run it on my server it does not work!! steam-user client.logOn does not give me error and do nothing it is so weird i have tried it into 4 different linux servers still the same what do you think the problem is? my code : const SteamUser = require('steam-user'); var client = new SteamUser(); client.logOn({ accountName: 'test', password: 'tes',}) client.on('loggedOn', () => { console.log('logged on'); }); client.on('error', (err) => { console.log(err); });
  5. Is there a way to fetch certain data like the Steam Profile Name and Steam Avatar, if the Profile is Public, Steam Level, Ability to Invite Friends etc. and fetch it from Steam via Steam-User or is that something I would have to do without Steam-User via Steam Web API?
  6. Guest

    Friend and Blocked

    Hi, How can I find out that a friend has blocked me? client.myFriends[user_id] = 3 , but on account who blocked this value = 6
  7. Hey, i read all post at this forum about this issue. https://dev.doctormckay.com/topic/2128-error-when-using-loginkey/?hl=loginkey https://dev.doctormckay.com/topic/1896-loginkey-throw-error-invalidpassword/?hl=loginkey https://dev.doctormckay.com/topic/2120-using-loginkey-gives-error-invalidpassword/?hl=loginkey https://dev.doctormckay.com/topic/2264-what-data-must-be-stored-for-reauthorization/?hl=loginkey&do=findComment&comment=7443 I can't login with loginKey on my VDS based on Linux. I am updating loginKey every time when receive new one from Steam. All working fine at my local Windows machine. So i tryed use Windows VDS - all working fine. Is there any bug on Linux? Can that be that when i use steam-user at linux it won't use sentry files. That can explain why loginKey don't work. I found folder where sentryes stored at Linux and tryed to manualy load them with setSentry - won't help. Any ideas how understand where problem is? Ye, i know, it's Steam and we can't know for 100% how it works under the hood. But it bothers me that the same code behaves differently on different OS, so it's probably some bug inside steam-user. P.S. Sorry for my English. English is not my native language
  8. Hi guys! I have just started using the npm module steam-user and noticed that a simply `import steamUser from 'steam-user';` would take about 3GB of memory. Is that totally normal? I should note that I am using steam-user in a svelte project.
  9. Hello, I'm using this code to keep me logged (to avoid session expired) setInterval(function() { if (client.steamID) { client.webLogOn(); } else { client.logOn(account); } }, 1800000); but sometimes I'm getting crash with LogonSessionReplaced, should I use relog() instead?
  10. Hello, I apologize for the longwinded questions, I'm new to Steam trading and would like to learn more about building trade bots. Using multiple trade bots at once is a pretty common usage scenario of node-steam-user and node-steam-trade-offer-manager but I haven't found many guides or examples that go into finer detail on this. I have a fuzzy idea of how to do it but I would like some validation/clarification to see if I'm heading in the right direction. If I have many available bot accounts, say 20 bots, and I start them all up at once, I'm sure I would run into steam's rate limiting per IP address, as well as getting a LogonSessionReplaced error if my bots were to re-login on the same IP. I see that there is a loginID option for the steam-user logOn method, I'm assuming I can use a proxy pool in tandem with this option to mitigate these issues? Is logging in with different IP addresses enough or do I need to use a loginKey? I see that when logging in and using the rememberPassword option, it triggers a loginKey event, which I can store and use for subsequent logins. Does using a loginKey bypass the LogonSessionReplaced error as well? I don't quite understand the benefit of using a loginKey instead of username/password. Second question - Can I send trades from the same bots that are running in separate processes? For example, maybe on app startup, I can log into all my bots at once and have them ready to initiate trades. I would also have a worker process running in the background that would start up all of the same bots to send a trade at a later time, let's say when an item on trade hold becomes available. Would these bots log off the other bots from app startup? This is probably related to my first question about using a loginKey or loginID. Last question - How can I check if a bot is already logged on? Instead of starting up all bots on app startup, I could just login to each bot separately when a trade is requested for an item in their inventory. I would want to check if the bot is logged in already before calling the logOn method again. Thank you for your time and for your great work on these libraries!
  11. First of all, thanks for writing and maintaining this library ! I'm trying to pull more than 5k servers from `getServerList()`. I don't see any options to paginate (don't think Steam supports it). Any idea how this could be achieved ? Thanks
  12. Hello, What data must be stored for reauthorization ? For example i can provide my cookies into node-steamcommunity for renew my auth ( if it be saved before ), but what's data need to store for renew my auth in steam-user ? Because when i have much accounts auth take so long time when i restart my software.
  13. Hello, I tried to use community.postUserComment but it didn't work with no errors. I'm using the script below. I'm trying to comment on user profiles. client.on('friendRelationship', (friend, relationship) => { if(relationship == 3) { client.chatMessage(friend, "Hello!"); community.postUserComment(friend,"Thanks for adding!"); }});
  14. Guest


    Hi, when account have trade ban - limitations.communityBanned is false, can you fix it please ?
  15. Guest

    send image to friend

    Hi, can you add method for send image via steam chat ? First method for upload photo, and second method for send it to chat.
  16. Guest

    In-game & Away

    Hi, how can i know that my friend In-Game & Away ? In the steam chat it looks like
  17. I wanna make a bot wich responds randomly when the user typer !random, i have created a array with the example: var random = ["random","blabla","bla"] So i added the function: function random_sentences(random) { return random[Math.floor(Math.random()*random.length)];} and if anyones type !random: else if(message == "!random") { client.chatMessage(random_sentences(random)) } this error appears: throw new Error("Unknown SteamID input format \"" + input + "\""); ^ Error: Unknown SteamID input format I did like to know how the bot can reponse randomly.Thanks
  18. Hi, could i've been banned because using wrong login settings or smth else ? Nobody uses an account except me
  19. Basically I'm trying to figure out how to use the node module steam-user to create a steambot in order to send announcements to a steamgroup via the vents and to make posts/threads under a steamgroups discussions section. So far setting up the code for getting the bot working was easy enough with the tutorial, however I'm currently stuck with the problem of logging in. I've not tested my code yet because I already know its not going to work without propperly setting up a way to use the code steam will end up emailing me. basically I just want a quick rundown of how to get this thing running with steamguard on. after that I'd just like to know what functions I'd need for steamgroup related stuff since the github page didn't really go over how to make posts,threads and events. it only seemed to go over detecting when they happen to be made by others it seemed.
  20. How can i make my program have a one time login so user doesn't have to login every time? I originally tried just saving login details in a .json file but then realized would still have to enter steam guard code since there was to shared secret. Is there a way to get shared secret not through sda?
  21. I do not understand how to reset the value. I want it to be reset after how the value was shown in the console. client.on("newItems", function(count) { if (parseInt(count) > 0) { console.log("New items: " + count); // RESET } });
  22. Solution for getting appOwnershipChached apps' name instead of appid. I got config.default_apps by using an empty Steam account to get the numerical list of apps each account has by default and on that line I compare that default list to the list of the fetched user account which might have some games and then filter to remove the default apps. //get GAME LIST client.on('appOwnershipCached', async() => { try { const appIDs = await client.getOwnedApps() let gameList = appIDs.filter((game) => { // remove default apps from list return !config.default_apps.includes(game) }) const appDetails = await client.getProductInfo(gameList, []) let appData = appDetails.apps let arr = await Object.keys(appData).map(key => { // convert list to array return appData[key] }) let cleanGameList = [] await arr.forEach(app => { // push only app names into array if (app.appinfo.common !== undefined) { // necessary only .common since .common.name gives TypeError cleanGameList.push(app.appinfo.common.name) } }) log(cleanGameList) } catch(err) { log(err) } }) Well, I've been trying/searching different things for hours now without any sufficient results. I am trying to get the name of the app/game instead of the appid number via appOwnershipCached. I am actually trying to get the games in the users account instead of also apps and default apps that come with a Steam account. I managed to get the names with an npm package called appid, but it takes a while until it converts all of them since it's fetching it from Steam API, so unfortunately it's not an option and I've run out. So I have two questions: Is there a way to get an apps' name instead of appid? Is there a way to get only the games without apps and default apps? Edit: I actually managed to filter it to the point until I get only the games in my library. I basically filter default apps from the appOwnershipCached fetch of appIDs and then if the appID has a name, it puts it into the gameList array. But the problem is, some games seem not to have names, why is that? For example: Rocket League only has { appid: '252590', public_only: '1' } on .appinfo... OLD NOT WORKING //get GAME LIST client.on('appOwnershipCached', async() => { try { const appIDs = await client.getOwnedApps() log(appIDs) let gameList = appIDs.filter((game) => { return !config.default_apps.includes(game) }) log(gameList) accountData.games = await gameList // log("my games: " + accountData.games) const appDetails = await client.getProductInfo(gameList, []) // ROCKET LEAGUE TEST const rl = await client.getProductInfo([252590], []) log(rl.apps[252590].appinfo) // let appData = appDetails.apps // log(appData) let arr = await Object.keys(appData).map(key => { return appData[key] }) // log(arr) let cleanGameList = [] await arr.forEach(app => { if (app.appinfo.common.name != null) { // log(app.appinfo.common.name) console.log("list: ", cleanGameList) return cleanGameList.push(app.appinfo.common.name) } }) } catch(err) { log(err) } })
  23. Hi im looking for a sample code to extract steam ids from a gameserver
  24. Previously, everything worked and remained. now does not want to save the file. rememberPassword is on
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