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  1. Added SOCKS proxy support Full Changelog: v4.25.0...v4.26.0 View on GitHub
  2. Added QR login support platformType is no longer optional when creating a new LoginSession Added forcePoll() Added approve-qr example Device friendly name and website ID are now automatically determined from your provided EAuthTokenPlatformType, and can no longer be passed to startWithCredentials() Added steamGuardMachineToken property and steamGuardMachineToken event Supplying a steamGuardMachineToken to startWithCredentials() now works when using EAuthTokenPlatformType.SteamClient Fixed double Steam Guard emails being generated for EAuthTokenPlatformType.SteamClient and EAuthTokenPlatformType.MobileApp Full Changelog: v0.0.2-alpha...v0.0.3-alpha View on GitHub
  3. Added ability to log on using a refresh token Logging on to non-anonymous accounts using schemes other than refresh tokens is now deprecated These alternative logon schemes will continue to be supported by steam-user as long as they're supported by the Steam backen Updated enums Full Changelog: v4.24.6...v4.25.0 View on GitHub
  4. 0.0.2-alpha View on GitHub
  5. Fixed detection of not being logged in with new login page (thanks to @Heartz66 in PR #291) Full Changelog: v3.44.1...v3.44.2 View on GitHub
  6. Fixed serverQuery not working and causing a crash Improved cleanup after a connection closes View on GitHub
  7. Fixed rich presence localization parsing not working with a crash View on GitHub
  8. Fixed errors being thrown by attempting to retrieve CDN auth tokens when not needed It's now possible to retrieve a manifest from a password-protected beta branch If no branch name is specified when downloading a manifest, "public" will now be assumed (and you will be warned about this assumption via stderr) Full Changelog: v4.24.3...v4.24.4 View on GitHub
  9. Fixed active session detection (thanks to @Heartz66 in #286) Full Changelog: v3.44.0...v3.44.1 View on GitHub
  10. Fixed cancel() and decline() TradeOffer methods View on GitHub
  11. fix typo jobid_source from job_id_source in sendToGC method by @juliarose in #394 Full Changelog: v4.24.2...v4.24.3 View on GitHub
  12. Fixed some incompatibilities with older Node.js versions Full Changelog: v4.24.1...v4.24.2 View on GitHub
  13. Fixed createAuthSessionTicket callback not receiving the ticket (#391) Full Changelog: v4.24.0...v4.24.1 View on GitHub
  14. Improved IDE intellisense detection of methods and enums Added getLegacyGameKey (#388) Full Changelog: v4.23.0...v4.24.0 View on GitHub
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