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  1. Fixed automatic machine auth token handling not working in log on (thanks to @Sadzurami in #458) Full Changelog: v5.0.0...v5.0.1 View on GitHub
  2. Migration Guide v5 by @DoctorMcKay in #450 Breaking Now requires Node.js v14 or later (up from v8) Removed deprecated methods setSentry() Removed deprecated events sentry Removed deprecated login key functionality Removed logOn properties: loginKey and rememberPassword Removed legacy authentication Other Changes Added refreshToken event Added renewRefreshTokens option Full Changelog: v4.29.3...v5.0.0 View on GitHub
  3. Updated dependencies Full Changelog: v1.3.3...v1.3.4 View on GitHub
  4. Fixed crash that 4.29.2 didn't properly fix Bumped steam-session dependency version to ensure the latest version is installed Full Changelog: v4.29.2...v4.29.3 View on GitHub
  5. Automatically refresh access token before emitting authenticated for EAuthTokenPlatformType.MobileApp Full Changelog: v1.3.2...v1.3.3 View on GitHub
  6. Fixed crash due to call to wrong debug function if steam-session auth fails (issue #456) Full Changelog: v4.29.1...v4.29.2 View on GitHub
  7. Fixed timeout error when calling getWebCookies() or refreshAccessToken() immediately after authenticated for EAuthTokenPlatformType.SteamClient Updated docs to reflect Steam changes Full Changelog: v1.3.1...v1.3.2 View on GitHub
  8. Fixed logins failing with error FileNotFound due to Steam change Please Note: Steam no longer returns access tokens for new login attempts. Therefore, accessToken will be undefined when authenticated is emitted. Access tokens are only useful as web cookies, and getWebCookies() automatically attempts to refresh the access token as necessary, so no change should be needed from you if you aren't directly accessing the accessToken property. Full Changelog: v1.3.0...v1.3.1 View on GitHub
  9. A sessionid cookie is now always returned to getWebCookies() (thanks @Sadzurami in #24) EAuthTokenPlatformType is now validated when you assign a refresh token to the refreshToken property (thanks @Sadzurami in #25) Added renewRefreshToken() method to LoginSession Full Changelog: v1.2.5...v1.3.0 View on GitHub
  10. Fixed crash when attempting to log on using a refresh token (bug #451) Full Changelog: v4.29.0...v4.29.1 View on GitHub
  11. Sentry files are no longer used by Steam in favor of machine auth tokens, and related functionality has been removed setSentry() is now deprecated. Use the new machineAuthToken property in logOn() instead. The sentry event is now deprecated. Use the new machineAuthToken event instead. The singleSentryfile option has been removed, since all machine auth tokens are account-specific The dontRememberMachine property in logOn() has been removed If you have been allowing steam-user to automatically manage your sentry files, steam-user will now automatically manage your machine auth tokens, and no change is required from you. If you have been using the sentry event and setSentry() method, changes have been made in a backward-compatible manner, and your code will continue working until version 5, when these deprecated symbols will be removed. Web session cookies are now generated using the new auth system, which should be more reliable going forward Full Changelog: v4.28.9...v4.29.0 View on GitHub
  12. Access tokens are now directly returned as cookies in getWebCookies() for EAuthTokenPlatformType.SteamClient, to match official client behavior Full Changelog: v1.2.4...v1.2.5 View on GitHub
  13. Added 'br' language for Brazilian Portuguese by @matheustav in #332 Removed deprecated appdirectory dependency Full Changelog: v2.10.5...v2.10.6 View on GitHub
  14. Updated enums Removed deprecated appdirectory dependency Full Changelog: v4.28.8...v4.28.9 View on GitHub
  15. Now uses kvparser for VDF parsing, which is more compatible with the VDF format Full Changelog: v4.28.7...v4.28.8 View on GitHub
  16. Fixed errors in getWebCookies() not being catchable by @Sadzurami in #23 Full Changelog: v1.2.3...v1.2.4 View on GitHub
  17. Fix resolving vanity returning error by @HerrEurobeat in #314 Full Changelog: v3.46.0...v3.46.1 View on GitHub
  18. Improved compatibility with using proxies on newer versions of Node.js Full Changelog: v4.28.6...v4.28.7 View on GitHub
  19. Add full sharedfiles support by @HerrEurobeat in #306 Full Changelog: v3.45.3...v3.46.0 View on GitHub
  20. Error messages in reply to getConfirmations are now more descriptive, if a descriptive error message is available Full Changelog: v3.45.2...v3.45.3 View on GitHub
  21. Fixed getConfirmations and acceptConfirmationForObject returning 404 error Added sending and timestamp properties to CConfirmation objects Full Changelog: v3.45.0...v3.45.1 View on GitHub
  22. Fixed getConfirmations and acceptConfirmationForObject returning 404 error Added sending and timestamp properties to CConfirmation objects Full Changelog: v3.45.0...v3.45.1 View on GitHub
  23. Added setMobileAppAccessToken method This is required before using enableTwoFactor, finalizeTwoFactor, or disableTwoFactor Full Changelog: v3.44.4...v3.45.0 View on GitHub
  24. Changed default value for disableMobile in login method to true Fixed login not working at all with "Malformed response" error when logging in with disableMobile: false Steam is no longer issuing oauth tokens, so the oAuthToken value in the login callback will always be null from now on View on GitHub
  25. At some point, the structure of how manifest IDs are represented in appinfo has changed. This release adds a shim to support passing the old format into getManifest. Full Changelog: v4.28.5...v4.28.6 View on GitHub
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