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  1. Added SOCKS proxy support Full Changelog: v4.25.0...v4.26.0 View on GitHub
  2. Added QR login support platformType is no longer optional when creating a new LoginSession Added forcePoll() Added approve-qr example Device friendly name and website ID are now automatically determined from your provided EAuthTokenPlatformType, and can no longer be passed to startWithCredentials() Added steamGuardMachineToken property and steamGuardMachineToken event Supplying a steamGuardMachineToken to startWithCredentials() now works when using EAuthTokenPlatformType.SteamClient Fixed double Steam Guard emails being generated for EAuthTokenPlatformType.SteamClient and EAuthTokenPlatformType.MobileApp Full Changelog: v0.0.2-alpha...v0.0.3-alpha View on GitHub
  3. Added ability to log on using a refresh token Logging on to non-anonymous accounts using schemes other than refresh tokens is now deprecated These alternative logon schemes will continue to be supported by steam-user as long as they're supported by the Steam backen Updated enums Full Changelog: v4.24.6...v4.25.0 View on GitHub
  4. 0.0.2-alpha View on GitHub
  5. Fixed detection of not being logged in with new login page (thanks to @Heartz66 in PR #291) Full Changelog: v3.44.1...v3.44.2 View on GitHub
  6. Fixed serverQuery not working and causing a crash Improved cleanup after a connection closes View on GitHub
  7. Fixed rich presence localization parsing not working with a crash View on GitHub
  8. Fixed errors being thrown by attempting to retrieve CDN auth tokens when not needed It's now possible to retrieve a manifest from a password-protected beta branch If no branch name is specified when downloading a manifest, "public" will now be assumed (and you will be warned about this assumption via stderr) Full Changelog: v4.24.3...v4.24.4 View on GitHub
  9. Fixed active session detection (thanks to @Heartz66 in #286) Full Changelog: v3.44.0...v3.44.1 View on GitHub
  10. Fixed cancel() and decline() TradeOffer methods View on GitHub
  11. fix typo jobid_source from job_id_source in sendToGC method by @juliarose in #394 Full Changelog: v4.24.2...v4.24.3 View on GitHub
  12. Fixed some incompatibilities with older Node.js versions Full Changelog: v4.24.1...v4.24.2 View on GitHub
  13. Fixed createAuthSessionTicket callback not receiving the ticket (#391) Full Changelog: v4.24.0...v4.24.1 View on GitHub
  14. Improved IDE intellisense detection of methods and enums Added getLegacyGameKey (#388) Full Changelog: v4.23.0...v4.24.0 View on GitHub
  15. Added back getEncryptedAppTicket as an alias of createEncryptedAppTicket for backwards compatibility View on GitHub
  16. Improved webpack/electron compatibility Overhauled appticket creation and validation This is a breaking change if you are currently using the experimental app auth API Full Changelog: v4.22.1...v4.23.0 View on GitHub
  17. Fixed excludeShared app/license ownership filter not working properly appOwnershipCached event has been renamed to ownershipCached The old name can still be used, but such usage is now deprecated Full Changelog: v4.22.0...v4.22.1 View on GitHub
  18. What's Changed getProductInfo changes (thanks to @Revadike in PR #378) Needed access tokens are now automatically requested for packages Fixed bugs related to expiring packages Added ability to filter owned app/package methods Added playingApp to response of kickPlayingSession (thanks to @Revadike IN PR #376) Improved a lot of JSDoc, so IDEs should pick up on data types of various things better Full Changelog: v4.21.0...v4.22.0 View on GitHub
  19. Added new SteamChatRoomClient features: createGroup saveGroup leaveGroup setGroupUserRoleState chatRoomGroupSelfStateChange chatRoomGroupMemberStateChange chatRoomGroupHeaderStateChange View on GitHub
  20. Added getBoosterPackCatalog and createBoosterPack View on GitHub
  21. Added previousRelationship argument to friendRelationship and groupRelationship events friendRelationship and groupRelationship events will now be suppressed if the new relationship matches our previously-known relationship Fixed requestRichPresence callback not working when omitting the language argument Fixed rich presence not parsing properly if the canonical case is not used for localization keys View on GitHub
  22. The trade offers response will now be de-paginated when using getOffers and in polling View on GitHub
  23. Reduced download size and memory usage Slight refactor to SteamID checks (thanks to @Revadike in PR #377) View on GitHub
  24. Added getFriendsThatPlay method Added ability to retrieve manifest request codes for CDN downloads View on GitHub
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