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  1. Fixed bug preventing parentalUnlock from working (thanks to @theanht1 in PR #258) View on GitHub
  2. Fixed bug in CSteamUser#getInventoryContents (thanks to @timi-owo in PR #257) View on GitHub
  3. Added requestRichPresence method (thanks to @itsjfx in PR #323) View on GitHub
  4. Fixed failure to download files from CDN (issue #328) View on GitHub
  5. Added workaround for a crash when connecting (thanks to @itsjfx in PR #322) View on GitHub
  6. Fixed some warnings about deprecated Buffer usage When using inclTokens, package tokens are now automatically grabbed from the license list if available (bug #318) Added support for family sharing (issue #267, thanks to @mlajx in PR #293) This is still considered experimental Docs are available on the GitHub wiki View on GitHub
  7. Added a workaround for a Node.js memory usage issue when loading very large inventories (issue #254) View on GitHub
  8. Fixed editProfile and profileSettings to work with new Steam update Some options to editProfile don't work for the moment: background featuredBadge primaryGroup View on GitHub
  9. Fixed excessive CPU and network usage when attempting to connect to Steam with either no Internet connection, or with unresponsive CMs View on GitHub
  10. Fixed issue loading on Linux (issue #315) View on GitHub
  11. Added getUserOwnedApps method Added getOwnedProfileItems and getEquippedProfileItems Added setProfileBackground Fixed error when a package contains data that requires an access token (thanks to @Y2Nk4 in PR #314) View on GitHub
  12. Fixed incorrect property in getGameBadgeLevel callback according to docs (thanks to @mninc in PR #313) Fixed event handler leak in cases where Steam does not respond to a request (issue #297) Fixed issue caused by trying to add appid 0 to the PICS cache (issue #312) Fixed proxy connection errors not emitting error event for WebSocket connection attempts (issue #302) View on GitHub
  13. 3.41.4 View on GitHub
  14. Promises/callbacks will now return a "Request timed out" error if Steam never responds (issue #307) View on GitHub
  15. Fixed bug related to package token retrieval (thanks to @Y2Nk4 in PR #306) View on GitHub
  16. Fixed rare case where logging on can hang forever View on GitHub
  17. Added body property to some Error objects This property may be undefined, string, or object (it's an object if the response was valid JSON) View on GitHub
  18. Options are now always checked for validity View on GitHub
  19. If no protocol is passed in the value of httpProxy, http:// is now assumed View on GitHub
  20. More IDEs should properly understand that SteamUser extends EventEmitter now Warnings are now delivered through Node.js' warning system View on GitHub
  21. Updated jsdoc to suppress some warnings in IDEs View on GitHub
  22. Fixed issue where calling logOff() may be ineffective if currently attempting to reconnect to Steam View on GitHub
  23. Updated readme View on GitHub
  24. Added anonymous account logon warning if a loginKey is specified to logOn Fixed generated app session tickets not being properly activated (issue #288) View on GitHub
  25. Added check to make sure that provided options are of the expected type If an option of an unexpected type is passed, you will get a warning in stderr and it will be reset to its default value Although not recommended, you can still pass numbers as strings and things will work as expected with no warnings Fixed deprecated call to fs.truncate with a file descriptor (thanks @Dahlgren in PR #272) Fixed rare crash caused by an unusual message sent from Steam (issue #283) View on GitHub
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