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    sNIP reacted to Dr. McKay in Proxies for steam and required endpoints   
    That should work, I think. You may need to enable web compatibility mode on steam-user to force it to connect using WebSockets. When you connect via WS, the CM domain name follows the format *.cm.steampowered.com so that should be fine with your proxy setup.
    I'm sorry, I can't recommend any proxy providers.
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    sNIP reacted to Dr. McKay in TradeOffer "updated" property   
    It's the time Steam says the offer changed, which would be Tuesday in your example.
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    sNIP reacted to Dr. McKay in Steam clients running with different local ips, on single nodejs instance.   
    There shouldn't be any problems.
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    sNIP reacted to Dr. McKay in Whats the best way of running multiple accounts?   
    It's very much not a bad idea to spawn one process per account. That way, if something causes one bot to crash, the rest don't also crash. Also, Node.js is single-threaded, so that's the best way to take advantage of multiple processor cores.
    About the only downside of spawning multiple processes is the increased memory usage. But if you have enough RAM, go for it.
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    sNIP got a reaction from Dr. McKay in on "sendOfferChanged" is emmiting when nothing is changed   
    Iam using this, it works fine, when I have time, I will look it up, probably after my finals. 
     if(oldState == 12){       return;     }
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