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  1. Good evening, When you stop your trade offer manager instance, then start it again after a long period of time with the latest poll data from the last session, does the updated property corresponds to the time when the offer state was actually changed, but not when the trade offer manager acknowledged that there is a change in the offer. Example: Steam bot is running on Monday, and it have sent one offer that day. Steam bot is shut down Monday evening. Tuesday: Partner declines the offer that the steam bot have sent the previous day. Wednesday: I start the steam bot
  2. I tried, but it too much hassle, I just gave up on the multithreading model and can run up to 50 accounts with no issues whatsover right now
  3. Thank you, because Iam switching from each each NodeJS instance, to all instances in one NodeJs
  4. I know I can use localAddress options in both steam community and user. But will I run into problems, if I try to run multiple instances of node-steam-user instances with different localAddress setings on the same nodejs instance? Thanks in advance
  5. Iam not sure if this is relevant but here is my take: community.on("sessionExpired", function(err) { if (err) { console.log("Session Expired: " + err); } if (client.steamID) { client.webLogOn(); console.log("called weblogon: " + thisId); } else { client.logOn(logOnOptions); console.log("called logon"); } });
  6. This is the test that I made with 45 test IPC processes. The test consist of sending and expecting to receive message every 1 second. I have tested the execution of the time a message goes to the child process and then waiting for that message to come back to the parent process. The transaction time doesnt exceed 1 second. It takes average ~80 mb per process. So if I want to save ram, I need to run them in one process(multiple instances of steam user class). My only concern about spawning multiple processes is that I dont know if I will hit an IPC bottleneck. What happens if a parent pro
  7. Currently I have one main nodejs app, which spawns one nodejs process for each account. The communication is done by IPC protocol. So my question is: Is it going to be better if I just create multiple steam user instances and place them in an array or in an object collection?
  8. Dont use confirmation checker, thats how I got like 5 ips blacklisted before I realized what was causing it. I use accept all confirmations on confirmation event. It has 1.7% fail ratio for the event to emit, as much as I know. The other way is to accept all confirmations 10 seconds after the trade is sent, it might fail again but its still a workaround.
  9. Iam using this, it works fine, when I have time, I will look it up, probably after my finals. if(oldState == 12){ return; }
  10. The old state is 12, which is strange because the TradeOfferEnum max number is 12. Is that a debug number?
  11. I will check it, but I believe its the same, because if I keep the app running, it can emit 1000 times before I close it or the trade offer changes it states
  12. EDIT2: the emmiting stops when the trade offer is accepted and finalized(havent tested with others statuses) EDIT2.1: some offers are fine, some are causing "sentOfferChanged" to emit too much
  13. When I send a trade, it keeps telling me that the offer status is changed to 2 (Active), this happens every ~4-~7 seconds after I send the offer. Code related to the trade offer manager EDIT: The code below is wrapped inside an async Start() function, so I can use async. var pollData = await offerService.getPollData(); const manager = new TradeOfferManager({ steam: client, community: community, language: "en", cancelOfferCount: 30, pollData: pollData }); manager.on("sentO
  14. I hold the credentials of my bots in plain text, but Iam sure that nobody can access the vps server and the plain text files. So one of the bot got his inventory wiped out by this guy https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198878870680 . I have auto confirm all trades on confirmation event emit. Its strange that I hold credentials for other bots on the same file which are not touched at the moment and have items. I locked the other accounts but left 2 too see what will happen
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