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  1. How do you create a new process per bot within the same web app instance? Something like the Node Cluster API? I'm using ExpressJS with a postgres DB, and ideally I would create 20 bots on app startup, and maybe with each bot in its own forked process. How do I then reference those instantiated bots from my API endpoints/controllers? And last question from before that didn't get answered, how can I check if a bot is logged in already? Thanks so much!
  2. Hello, I apologize for the longwinded questions, I'm new to Steam trading and would like to learn more about building trade bots. Using multiple trade bots at once is a pretty common usage scenario of node-steam-user and node-steam-trade-offer-manager but I haven't found many guides or examples that go into finer detail on this. I have a fuzzy idea of how to do it but I would like some validation/clarification to see if I'm heading in the right direction. If I have many available bot accounts, say 20 bots, and I start them all up at once, I'm sure I would run into steam's rate limiting per IP address, as well as getting a LogonSessionReplaced error if my bots were to re-login on the same IP. I see that there is a loginID option for the steam-user logOn method, I'm assuming I can use a proxy pool in tandem with this option to mitigate these issues? Is logging in with different IP addresses enough or do I need to use a loginKey? I see that when logging in and using the rememberPassword option, it triggers a loginKey event, which I can store and use for subsequent logins. Does using a loginKey bypass the LogonSessionReplaced error as well? I don't quite understand the benefit of using a loginKey instead of username/password. Second question - Can I send trades from the same bots that are running in separate processes? For example, maybe on app startup, I can log into all my bots at once and have them ready to initiate trades. I would also have a worker process running in the background that would start up all of the same bots to send a trade at a later time, let's say when an item on trade hold becomes available. Would these bots log off the other bots from app startup? This is probably related to my first question about using a loginKey or loginID. Last question - How can I check if a bot is already logged on? Instead of starting up all bots on app startup, I could just login to each bot separately when a trade is requested for an item in their inventory. I would want to check if the bot is logged in already before calling the logOn method again. Thank you for your time and for your great work on these libraries!
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