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  1. any help , idea on how this can be accomplished would be greatly appreciated from my understanding the bots are sending http requests back and forth and are identified by the steam server so it should be possible for them to also render part of steamcommunity website on your domain it would be like each of them are a browser... but i'm still quite a beginner in web-dev so my understanding can be wrong...
  2. hello i was wondering is it possible to access steamcommunity.com/chat tab of each bot on specific routes on my server for instance if there's a bot called johndoe i would be able to use the steam web chat of that bot and chat with people directly on my domain and on this route: johndoe.example.com/chat
  3. hello , i'm quite new to web-dev i was wondering what part of the development process would change if i use jwt instead of cookies and sessions and work only with jwt tokens and is this even recommended? i'm also using angular in the front-end.
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