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  1. Hi, this problem is actually solved but only for steam-user where I report it long time ago. this is same problem but for other library. Could you fix it? I would be really grateful
  2. So, after I made new project just with steam-user package it works, but after I installed all other modules that I needed it won't worked again so I dug deep into problem and I find out that problem was caused by @types/node module, @Dr. McKay any idea why?
  3. Thank you @Dr. McKay, I just need to make new project but it's working now... now it's look perfect
  4. I try update and reinstall whole package and even try rebuild cache but I still get same message as before, webstorm is really confused, or is there maybe somethink what I'm doing wrong? maybe reinstall all packeges?
  5. Thanks for taking fast actions but I'm also getting unresolved method warning even after update. :\
  6. Hi, I was trying to do some code with this npm package and everything was fine but webstorm still warns me that client.on() is undefined but it's working just fine but it is really annoying to have it there. Is there any way to fix that, I'm kinda new into this stuff so I don't know if I should change something in steam-user package to satisfy webstorm or just leave it be...
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