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  1. Looking into the documentation I notice getExchangeDetails won't return data unless the ETradeStatus is Complete, InEscrow, or EscrowRollback, which is a different state from ETradeOfferState, which is fine. Is it possible to get ETradeStatus without querying getExchangeDetails as I didn't see the method nor variable on the TradeOffer object. I'm sure I was just misunderstanding how to use this or fetch the state, but was hoping I could check before querying steam as I want to prevent as much requests as possible. Thanks, Christian
  2. Hello, I use for this api to fetch steam inventories: The result has: Is there any parameter to load next pages ?
  3. Good evening. I noticed that user data is cached. For example: community.getSteamUser(steamID), (err, user) => { console.log(user.groups); }); Will output the same data until I restarted the bot. Is there a way to disable this cache ?
  4. Simple


    So I just finished reading the post on how to identify steam items and from what I understand, as long as the contextid doesn't change when one user trades an item to another user, the classid should ALWAYS remain the same? If so, is the classid all that is needed to identify the item in that case?
  5. Is there any function to get recentlyPlayedGames with achievements of an user? I'm working on a achievements-completions-feed for my community but the Steam API isn't enough due to rate limits, is there any alternative with steam-user? any function that returns lastTimePlayed of an app or even the achievements of several apps at once? that would be amazing! I attached the current completions feed I have set up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. How do I get the direct detection of the bot when I change the content of the /message file. I do not want to close and open the bot and enter the guard code.
  7. Hello, Is it possible to upvote a game review using node-steam-user ? If so, where could i find a library about it to make an auto interact for that action.
  8. Not sure if it is possible, but I would like to get game's follower count using node-steam-user. What I have tried, is creating a similar method to getPlayerCount, but replacing the message. So, what I came up with looks like this: SteamUser.prototype.getFollowerCount = function(appid, callback) { return StdLib.Promises.timeoutCallbackPromise(10000, [], callback, (resolve, reject) => { this._send(SteamUser.EMsg.ClientFSGetFollowerCount, [730], (body) => { console.log(body); resolve('done'); }); }); }; But with this approach, calling the new method gets me a Type Error: TypeError [ERR_INVALID_ARG_TYPE]: The "list[1]" argument must be one of type Array, Buffer, or Uint8Array. Received type object at Function.concat (buffer.js:479:13) at SteamUser._send (/home/harry/steam-tools/node_modules/steam-user/components/messages.js:456:31) at StdLib.Promises.timeoutCallbackPromise (/home/harry/steam-tools/src/steam-client.js:8:8) at Promise (/home/harry/steam-tools/node_modules/@doctormckay/stdlib/components/promises.js:22:25) at new Promise (<anonymous>) at Object.Promises.timeoutPromise (/home/harry/steam-tools/node_modules/@doctormckay/stdlib/components/promises.js:10:9) at Object.Promises.timeoutCallbackPromise (/home/harry/steam-tools/node_modules/@doctormckay/stdlib/components/promises.js:83:25) at SteamUser.getHarryTest (/home/harry/steam-tools/src/steam-client.js:7:25) at SteamUser.<anonymous> (/home/harry/steam-tools/src/steam-client.js:44:12) at SteamUser.emit (events.js:198:13) So, this raises me a few questions: 1. Am I even able to create new methods in this way (sending a different message with appropriate body) or are there some limitations that I am not aware of? 2. If the approach is fine, then how can I figure out the correct message body that I need to send? Is it documented somewhere or is there some method of figuring it out? (I am assuming that my issue is coming from invalid message body). 3. Of course, I would be very thankful for the help of resolving the actual issue here or some directions to solving it
  9. What is the Best way to call steam api for steam items i have been using $id = "76561198147982809"; $query = "http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/".$id."/inventory/json/440/2/";; $json = file_get_contents($query); $data = json_decode($json, true); to get my bots inventory of course has 0 tradable items and get the failed error alot failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.0 429 Too Many Requests is calling the http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/[steamid]/inventory/json/440/2/ the best way i am creating a website like scrap.tf for my steam bots to buy and sell items if there is a better way Please let me know i know some about the steam API but not the most about it and not sure which would be best if i use that and also if i upload my site onto my host will it do the errors alot or just when client calls the json i used?
  10. is it possible to comment on users profiles?
  11. Today authorization via steam-user stopped working for me. I do not know why. I changed my authorization to the community module. All my bots have different proxies. But, if I start authorizing several bots at once, then steam throws out a message about a large number of login attempts. What could be the reason for this? What can linked different instances? I am passing to tradeofferManager instance steam-user and steamcommunity. But I log in with steamcommunity.
  12. Hi! I am using steam-user v4.18.0 and using getProductInfo method. For some games there exists release_date, steam_release_date and for some games I can't find any indication about when this game was released. Do you have some advice for me how to reliably get game's release date? Maybe I should use some other method? For example these IDs don't have release date 203160, 221380, 236850, 365590, 220240. But for example CS: GO (id 730) has steam_release_date. Let me know if there is some additional info that I can provide. Thanks!
  13. //Logging ON client.logOn(logOnOptions); client.on('loggedOn', function (details) { if (details.eresult == SteamUser.EResult.OK) { client.getPersonas([client.steamID], function (personas) { console.log("== Logged in =============") console.log('== Name: ' + personas[client.steamID]["player_name"]); console.log('== ID64: ' + client.steamID); console.log("=========================="); console.log(""); }); client.setPersona(5); //"5": "LookingToTrade" -- https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steam-user/blob/master/enums/EPersonaState.js client.gamesPlayed('Accepting Junk and Making Friends'); } else { console.log(details); //Do whatever u want to handle the error... } }); client.on('webSession', (sessionid, cookies) => { manager.setCookies(cookies); community.setCookies(cookies); }); As soon as the bot starts everythings works fine. After some minutes, every time an offer is received by the bot, I get the "Not Logged In" error. I set up a cron (after reading a similar thread on this forum), like this: //Session refresh every 15 minutes cron.schedule('*/15 * * * *', () => { if (client.steamID) { client.webLogOn(); } else { client.logOn(logOnOptions); console.log('Logged in again using cron'); } }); but the "not logged in" error still remains. I also read this topic where Admin says this but at this point I don't understand which session needs to be refreshed and how. Also calling "sessionExpired" isn't helping because whenever an incoming trade offer gives me the error, bot doesn't try anymore to accept it, even after session is refreshed, so I have to restart it. manager.on('newOffer', offer => { if (offer.partner.getSteamID64() === 'my_stemid_64') { offer.accept((err, status) => { if (err) { console.log(err); } else { console.log(`Accepted offer from owner. Status: ${status}.`); } }); } else { if (offer.itemsToGive.length === 0) { offer.accept((err, status) => { if (err) { console.log(err); } else { console.log(`Donation accepted. Status: ${status}.`); } }); } else { offer.decline(err => { if (err) { console.log(err); } else { console.log('Donation declined (wanted our items).'); } }); } } }); Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Hello, im trying to handle an InvalidPassword error. const login = (username, password) => { const logOnOptions = { accountName: username, password: password } try{ client.logOn(logOnOptions); } catch(err) { console.log("Can't find the account. Please double check it."); } } login(argum, password); But instead of showing "Can't find the account..." etc, it shows that events.js:174 throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event ^ Error: InvalidPassword at SteamUser.<anonymous> (/home/tanjil/projects/nodejs-projects/steam-farm/node_modules/steam-user/components/logon.js:494:16) at handlers.forEach (/home/tanjil/projects/nodejs-projects/steam-farm/node_modules/steam-user/components/classes/HandlerManager.js:37:12) at Array.forEach (<anonymous>) etc...
  15. Hi everybody, I i'm trying to post artwork using bot. Was searching for how to do it but found nothing. Is there any way of doing it? Thanks
  16. I set some sessionExpired function, that reconnect the bot to steam when its expired. But when it expires, it reconnect the bot multiple times. The command below send about 20 messages that theres an error, and the error is fixed. Also in console it looks like (picture). Does anyone know wheres the problem ? community.on("sessionExpired", function(err) { client.channels.cache.get("753653286283903126").send('<:false:750799883572609245> **There was an error, fixing the error... <:repairing:755511536423927909>**') .then(sentMessage => sentMessage.delete({ timeout: 4000 })) .catch(console.error) client.channels.cache.get("753653286283903126").send('<:true:750799921497505913> **Error is fixed, you can try again !**') .then(sentMessage => sentMessage.delete({ timeout: 4500 })) .catch(console.error) client.channels.cache.get("753653286283903126").updateOverwrite(message.guild.roles.everyone, { SEND_MESSAGES: true }) .then(channel => console.log('Channel unmute')) .catch(console.error); if (client2.steamID == undefined) { client2.logOn(logInOptions); client2.on('loggedOn', () => { console.log('Steam Bot is running !'); client2.setPersona(SteamUser.EPersonaState.Online); client2.gamesPlayed(440); }); } else { client2.webLogOn(); //relogin to Steam or refresh tradeoffer-manager cookies } //add your handling code here, for example: if (sendofferError == true){ //do stuff } })
  17. I there any code/function to detect last accepted offer and say what was opponents trade link ??? The reason why do I need it is because when 2 different users got offers, and 1 of them accepts the trade, bot doesnt know who confirmed, (but registered that someone confirmed) so bot sends them both message like "Success trade confirmed "
  18. I have copied this code and need help what i need to change to make it work... Items that bot is requiring opponent has, so the item is existing and if the guy doesnt have the item, console says that. I got this error and dont know why.. . the script is here if(isNaN(amount) || amount === undefined){ console.log('invalid number'); } else{ var count = 0; var i = 0; console.log("Creating Offer, please wait!"); //Check Players inventory for the keys, and make sure we have enough sets to supply var offer = manager.createOffer(_message); offer.getPartnerInventoryContents(440, 2, function(err, inventory, currencies){ if(err){ console.log(err); } var a = []; for(var i = 0; i < inventory.length; ++i){ if(inventory.market_hash_name == 'Refined Metal' && a.length < amount){ console.log("Adding Item"); a.push(inventory.id); offer.addTheirItem({id: inventory.id, appid: 440, contextid: 2}); console.log("Length of a "+a.length); console.log(a); ++count; } } inventory.forEach(function(val){ if(val.market_hash_name == 'Refined Metal'){ console.log("Adding Item"); offer.addTheirItem({id: val.instanceid, appid: 440, contextid: 2}); ++count; } }); if(count < amount){ console.log("count: "+count); console.log("You don't have enough keys for me to send this trade."); } else{ offer.send(function(err, status){ if(err){ console.log(err); console.log("An Error has Occured while sending offer."); } if(status == "pending"){ console.log("Confirming Offer!"); } if(status == "sent"){ console.log("Offer Sent!"); } }); } }); }
  19. Hey I wanted to create a bot that farms hours on a few games and if I (player) start let's say CS:GO. The bot will give an error: Logged into Steam Boosting our hours on chosen games ... Set state to Snooze // starting CS:GO here { Error: LoggedInElsewhere at SteamUser._handleLogOff (C:\Users\Admin\node_modules\steam-user\components\logon.js:400:11) at SteamUser._handlers.(anonymous function) (C:\Users\Admin\node_modules\steam-user\components\logon.js:380:7) at SteamUser._handleMessage (C:\Users\Admin\node_modules\steam-user\components\messages.js:235:30) at emitThree (events.js:136:13) at CMClient.emit (events.js:217:7) at CMClient._netMsgReceived (C:\Users\Admin\node_modules\steam-user\node_modules\steam-client\lib\cm_client.js:323:8) at CMClient.handlers.(anonymous function) (C:\Users\Admin\node_modules\steam-user\node_modules\steam-client\lib\cm_client.js:603:8) at CMClient._netMsgReceived (C:\Users\Admin\node_modules\steam-user\node_modules\steam-client\lib\cm_client.js:305:24) at emitOne (events.js:116:13) at TCPConnection.emit (events.js:211:7) eresult: 6 } This is the bot's code: var colors = require("colors"); const SteamUser = require("steam-user"); const client = new SteamUser(); const logOnOptions = { accountName: "u", password: "p", }; autoRelogin = true; //correct? client.logOn(logOnOptions); client.on("loggedOn", () => { console.log("Logged into Steam".green); client.gamesPlayed(["Boosting Hours", 20, 70, 50, 9480, 300, 40, 130, 10, 730]); console.log("Boosting our hours on chosen games ...".yellow); client.setPersona(SteamUser.Steam.EPersonaState.Snooze); console.log("Set state to Snooze".blue); }); client.on('error', function (err) { console.log(err); client.gamesPlayed(["Boosting Hours", 20, 70, 50, 9480, 300, 40, 130, 10, 730]); }); I'm not sure if I need to use the autoRelogin boolean. I do know I need to handle the error. Not sure how to. So my thought now was to just add the gamesPlayed function again to start those games when the errors appear. But my thought of creating the bot was: // Farm bot 1. Log in on the account 2. Run a check if the account is already playing game(s) (with interval, so it constantly checks) 3. If it is playing a game -> do nothing 4. If it is not playing any games -> start idling a list of games 5. Also handle the LoggedInElsewhere? I'm learning C++ atm. And this is how I start my projects. Writing down what I want my program to do. And turn the text into code. I just can't with JS. Simply because I don't understand the language that well. Trust me, I don't like being spoonfed but I just can't code from scratch with JS. If anyone is planning to spoonfeed me. Do know I'd love some explaination. Otherwise I cannot learn from it. Best regards Ruben.
  20. Hello everyone! So I've been working on a bot that will invite people to a steam group when they accept the friend request, my following question for this is if it's possible to add random people. For an example: One person adds the bot, then we add all their friends from their friendlist and so that cycle goes on. If you got any ideas then please hit me up. I'll also import my code below. // DEFINES const SteamUser = require('steam-user'); const config = require('./config.json'); const client = new SteamUser(); // CONFIGS var message = "Hello, would you like to be kind and join my steam group? :)"; var messageNoReply = "Sorry, but this account is a bot. We can't answer you :("; var delay = 2000; // LOGIN const accountInfo = { accountName: config.accountName, password: config.password }; client.logOn(accountInfo); client.on('loggedOn', function(details) { console.log("Logged into steam successfully!"); client.setPersona(SteamUser.EPersonaState.Online); }); // REQUEST MANAGER client.on('friendRelationship', (steamid, relationship) => { if (relationship === 2) { // ACCEPT PENDING ERQUESTS console.log("Accepted friendrequest from: " + steamid); client.addFriend(steamid); } if (relationship === 3) { setTimeout(function() { // SEND MESSAGE & INVITE TO GROUP client.chatMessage(steamid, message); client.inviteToGroup(steamid, config.groupID); console.log("Action against: " + steamid); // REMOVE FRIEND setTimeout(function() { client.removeFriend(steamid) console.log("Removed friend: " + steamid); }, 5000); }, delay); } }); // FRIENDSLIST client.on("friendsList", function() { console.log("%j", client.myFriends); }); // REPLY WITH NO-REPLY MESSAGE client.on('friendMessage', function(steamid, message) { client.chatMessage(steamid, messageNoReply); }); Thank you all for helping around within this community!
  21. Hello! I'm getting an empty object on setCookies callback, I need to generate an apiKey on Steam before? client.on('webSession', (sessionID, cookies) => { manager.setCookies(cookies, (err) => { if (err !== null) { log.error('Could not set manager cookies', { err }); process.exit(1); return; } log.info('Got API key', { apiKey: manager.apiKey }); }); community.setCookies(cookies); });
  22. Hello, I keep getting a bad request error (400) when I try to post with this function. All the info I have in the function should be correct. Any ideas? community.httpRequestPost("https://steamcommunity.com/market/sellitem/", { data: { 'sessionid': sessionID, 'appid': 730, 'contextid': 2, 'assetid': 18534283110, 'amount': 1, 'price': 1 } }, function(err) { if (err) throw err; }); It gets the sessionID variable from logging in, so that shouldn't be an issue.
  23. Hey Dr. McKay, The bot has several identical items in inventory. [{ market_hash_name: 'Inscribed Tormented Staff', pos: 1, // ... other fields }, { market_hash_name: 'Inscribed Tormented Staff', pos: 2, // ... other fields }] My task is to create 2 TradeOffers for different people and send one of the items. The problem is that all requests are asynchronous. And he creates trades offer for the same item, which is in the same bot inventory position (pos = 1). If you accept one trade, then the second trade is no longer available. What is the best way to solve this problem? Thank you for your attention and thank you for your work!
  24. Hi, I was trying to do some code with this npm package and everything was fine but webstorm still warns me that client.on() is undefined but it's working just fine but it is really annoying to have it there. Is there any way to fix that, I'm kinda new into this stuff so I don't know if I should change something in steam-user package to satisfy webstorm or just leave it be...
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