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    aatmjeets reacted to TkrZ in [node-globaloffensive] Successive calls to GlobalOffensive.InspectItem not seeming to work   
    Update after leaving it for a day - you were correct with the rate limiting - i'm now waiting 30 seconds between each request just to be safe but it now iterates through my array and checks each item correctly, returning the pattern index and wear float Many thanks for your work on the node modules, it's greatly appreciated
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    aatmjeets got a reaction from Dr. McKay in error code 26   
    Extremely sorry for wasting the time, i figured it out. It was offer.addMyItem, while it should be offer.addTheirItem.
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    aatmjeets reacted to Dr. McKay in Can't get item link from getUserInventoryContents   
    item.actions is an array. You need to find the action you want.
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