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  1. Update after leaving it for a day - you were correct with the rate limiting - i'm now waiting 30 seconds between each request just to be safe but it now iterates through my array and checks each item correctly, returning the pattern index and wear float Many thanks for your work on the node modules, it's greatly appreciated
  2. I've changed the structure slightly as I don't think the requests were chaining properly, i.e all being sent after the setTimeout delay, so it now uses an async promise chaining structure to repeat the request n amount of times (I plan to iterate over the size of marketItemsObject.length, but testing with just 3 requests for now). I've also changed the timeout delay to between 10 and 20 seconds, however it still seems only to be only returning the first item, and either failing or not attempting the rest. As you may say this probably might be rate limiting however so i'm going to leave it un
  3. Hey there, I've currently spent today investigating and playing around with node-steam-user, and node-globaloffensive. I've have an array of inspect item links and I would like to check each of them using the InspectItem method, however my implementation seems to only send a protobuf message once, with successive calls not doing anything. It fires an 'inspectItemInfo' event once as it successfully displays the item details with. csgo.on('inspectItemInfo', function (item) { console.log(`got item: paint index is ${item.paintindex} and paintwear is ${item.paintwear}`); }); I am iterating ove
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