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  1. can't i login with a fake server with no vac in it ?
  2. is it possible to login as fake server so i can establish a connection between a client and this fake server ?
  3. I see than you som much for your time !
  4. @Dr. McKay Well , i know that you said in many threads that joining a game server is impossible , but after seeing this https://github.com/BeepIsla/csgo-commend-bot Ii think it is possible or he is doing something else , well , i want to know what he is actually doing , So using some logic in order to commend a player in csgo: u have to be in the same server/game then send commends Well how can i do that , im really confused PS:sorry for asking too much
  5. Okay but im sure it's outdated or something , So you see i started following up the steps to join a server: First you request k_EMsgGCCStrike15_v2_ClientRequestJoinServerData and then you get a callback from it afterwards you have to send ClientAuthList (5432) untill you get a callback from ClientTicketAuthComplete (5429) Having the server info like this: But this callback i never get and im doing everything right im sure that either the ticket or the ticket_crc is changed am i doing something wrong here ?
  6. Hello , first off thank you doctormckay for making this really great module ,unfortunately Im not that good with JS and lately i've been trying to make a bot in python that goes into my server and get live game stats so To join a community server i have to send an authTicket message to the server but it seems like steam made some change Seeing your code ticket_crc is a crc32 hash for the the ticket: So , i just wanted to check using NetHook2.dll to track proto calls and i get this So the ticket here is 14000000D81B906BE8187273F69B60320100100105DE505F180000000100000002000000D62F504A883AAB9D8B8A130001000000 so the ticket_crc value should actually be : 3877137174 but it sent 3945640144 i hope i made everything clear and sorry for my bad english
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