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  1. Okay, so I implemented login with passport js and steam strategy and that's all good. Now, is there a way to get the cookies and sessionid of the user so I can send trade offers on behalf of the user and the user just has to confirm it. I have seen a lot of these scam sites do it, I am wondering how does that work? With my research I have found that I need cookies and sessionid to send a trade offer on behalf of a user. Sessionid can be replaced by anything random but I still need cookies. Wondering is there a work around for it? In all clarity, I am not trying to make another scam
  2. Is there a way to make a trade link with an item in it so the user only has to click on send and not add the item to the offer? https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=12345678&assetid=2189123,2123232 something like this? so when you click on the link the items are already in the trade and you just have to click on send and its done.
  3. So I see various sites that use trade URL to load inventories and send trade offers and I want to understand how their backend works. My understanding is : 1. Use the partner id to get steamID in any format 2. Use the steamID to load inventory and send a trade offer. Is this the correct way of doing it or there is a better way?
  4. There are various websites that generate screenshots for the items listed on their website/using an inspect element link. I was wondering how this is done? We are planning to launch our own site but are stuck at how to do this process. Any help is appreciated. Regards.
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