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  1. Hi, I have a question regarding interactions with Dota 2 or CSGO games. Is there a way to "control" Dota 2 client, and get notification when match is found, and then accept it. Or invite friends to lobby, or even control your hero? I heard something about Protobufs, but not sure if that is the one i need. Thanks
  2. Yeah u are right, events handling was so slow and I couldnt manage instances cuz it the "server" would go sleep after a while. I got digitalocean now and it works like a charm
  3. I am hosting express server with steam accounts intstances abd currently having troubles with getOffer method callback. Im not experienced enough to work with callbacks, and google answers are not really suited for my problem, so I would like to ask your help here. The code below is the functions that is executed on a get request. It calls custom function inside account instance's app.get('/tradeOffer', auth, async (req, res) => { let { offerID, username } = req.query; await accounts[username].getOffer(offerID) .then(offer => {console.log("Offer", offer)}) .catc
  4. Hi all, Is anyone using google firebase functions for hosting steam bots, or any other purposes related to steam? HMU pls Thanks
  5. Hi, I am making a bot that can will manage my accounts. Currently I am having problems with an idea of storing mulltiple account classes (or instances). The best way probably is to create an array, but I am concerned if this approach will let accounts receive events like incoming messages? let accounts = []; function addAccount(username, password){ client = new Steam() client.logOn({username, password}); client.on('loggedOn' => { accounts.push(client) } } What would be the best practice for this situation? Thanks in advance!
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