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  1. Thanks for your reply. I tried that, but that didn't work aswell. The code from above hasn't changed, just made the change about itemCustomizationNotification. May there be anything else that I'm missing?
  2. Hey, I'm currently trying to use the ItemCustomizationNotification event to catch any result while adding an item to a storage unit. Just like the example given in GitHub repository, my code looks like this: const addItemToCasket = (casketId, itemId) => { console.log("trying to add an item to a casket"); console.log("casket: " + casketId + " | itemId " + itemId); csgo.addToCasket(casketId, itemId); csgo.on('ItemCustomizationNotification', (itemIds, notificationType) => { console.log("notification received " + notificationType) if (notificationType ==
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