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  1. Do you have any idea what "itemid" param stands for? Tried to put assetId, but no success --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nevermind, I was using wrong SteamId, after putting correct one, splitting works as expected. You can use asset id as itemId. Interesting is that you can split only 1 item from stack at once request, so if you have 10 items, you will need 9 requests to separate them. Thanks you so much, you saved a lot of my time!
  2. Hi Folks, I'm creating trading app with Java porting node projects. RUST supports stacked items and I need to split them in my inventory. I didn't find anything related to splitting in your node projects. Is there any known way to split them at all? Also I noticed that stack is automatically split after entering RUST game. Is this worth to debug RUST api calls? Is there any tutorial on reverse engineering Steam games? Thank you
  3. I'm developing microservices architecture for system, which will send trades automatically. Currently I create application, which feeds auth details into database and periodically healthchecks them, this auth data can be retrieved via API by another application in internal network. Another application is going to run on different machines, in multiple instances, so IP's of trade bot's would be different from IP's it was authenticated from. I tested it only locally for now, but wondering if anyone met this?
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