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  1. Error: Cannot kick other session What may cause this? This is my code: app.js client.on('error', (error) => { log(`Error occured! Details: ${error}`); setTimeout(() => { client.logOff(); client.logOn(loginDetails); setOptions(client); log(`Account is playing in elsewhere, performing kick and relogging!`); client.kickPlayingSession((error) => { if(error) { log(`Error while trying to relog! Killing application...`); process.exit(1); return; } }); client.relog(); }, 30000); }); setOptions module (if somewhat needed): module.exports = function setOptions(client){ client.setOption("enablePicsCache", true); client.setOption("autoRelogin", true); client.setOption("picsCacheAll", true); client.setOption("changelistUpdateInterval", 60000); client.setOption("language", "english"); client.setOption("clientOS", 16); client.setOption("machineName", "Boosting by The M."); } I tried many different ways. I just need my bot to kick other playing session, and make his own :/
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