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  1. After successful smelting/crafting, tf2.backpack is not getting updated. let scraps = inventory.filter(item => item.name == "Scrap Metal") let recs = inventory.filter(item => item.name == "Reclaimed Metal") //I have to use inventory from getInventoryContents because tf.backpack is not updated if (scraps.length > 12) { let craft = Math.floor((scraps.length - 12) / 3) for (let i = craft; i > 0; i--) tf.craft(scraps.slice(0, 3)) } also this only craft 1 reclaimed
  2. Is there a way to do this or a website that has it
  3. Thanks for the reply! Already went that path.
  4. My bot listens for sentOfferChanged event. Sometimes an offer is accepted, it fires with the state: 3. Then after a few seconds, sentOfferChanged fires again with the same offer but now with state: 9, and fires the same offer with state: 3 again. Causing some issues in my end since I rely on state: 3 when deducting credits from user's balance.
  5. community.getMarketItem(753, "753-Sack of Gems", (error, key) => { if (error) return console.log(error) setTimeout(() => { key.updatePrice((error) => { if (error) return console.log(error) console.log(key.lowestPrice) }) }, 1000 * 15) }) community.getMarketItem(753, "753-Sack of Gems", (error, key) => { if (error) return console.log(error) setTimeout(() => { key.updatePrice() console.log(key.lowestPrice) }, 1000 * 15) }) both throw "TypeError: callback is not a function" error node_modules/steamcommunity/classes/CMarketItem.js:113:4
  6. I am using community.httpRequestGet to fetch Mann Co. Supply Crate Key and Sack of Gems for prices via "https://steamcommunity.com/market/priceoverview/" link and everything's doing great. Any advice to avoid rate-limits and possible ban? I am planning to use it regularly say, less than a hundred request per "hour" for other items.
  7. Will it be implemented in the near future or not at all?
  8. just got back. tried it your way and it is so much better and effective. thanks!
  9. My bot automatically craft/smelt metals according to my bot's stock flow: gamesPlayed(440) if haveGCSession is false > wait for connectedToGC to fire > craft > wait for craftingComplete to fire > gamesPlayed() to exit tf2 > reload inventory. Sometimes it completes the flow but I am stucked with the same number of metals. Sometimes it is stucked waiting for craftingComplete to be emitted. Sometimes it is successful especially when I restart my bot. Yes, I load my inventory via getInventoryContents everytime before crafting to make sure I have the correct item.ids.
  10. Is it possible to use it on paints and paintable items?
  11. client.on("webSession", set_cookies) client.on("loggedOn", online) function online() { log("logged on") } function set_cookies(cookies) { log("cookies set") community.setCookies(cookies); } 24 Oct 14:28:58 - test: logged on 24 Oct 14:28:59 - test: cookies set 24 Oct 14:29:01 - test: cookies set 24 Oct 14:29:04 - test: cookies set 24 Oct 14:29:08 - test: cookies set 24 Oct 14:29:17 - test: cookies set
  12. community.postGroupComment(gid, content, () => { });
  13. is your /message file a .json or .js. Listen for file changes, it it's a .json you can just re-require it. I'm not sure if it works with .js file.
  14. I'm suspecting that somewhere in your code, clanid gets manipulated like parsing it as an integer. Know that: parseInt(103582791470169702) != 103582791470169702 parseInt("103582791470169702") != "103582791470169702" parseInt(103582791470169702) == parseInt(103582791470169702)
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