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  1. i have some code that logs into steam so one of my bots can accept a trade, first it gets the rsa key using a bots username then it encrypts a password and sends a request to dologin. i get the cookies back in the response however it is only steamauth, loginsecure, and steam country i get a 403 on trying to do pretty much anything because i have no session id how can i get one? i currently am using this: let sessionid = require('crypto').randomBytes(12).toString('hex'); and then pushing it to the array of cookies however i still get 403 is there a different way i should be doing it?
  2. axios.post("https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/5188600819/accept",{ headers:{ "Referer":"https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/5188600819/", "cookies":{"steamLoginSecure":"-----","steamMachineAuth-----":"------","steamLogin":"-----","sessionid":"-----",} }, form:{ "tradeofferid":5188600819, "partner"://partner id , "serverid":1, "captcha": "", } }) .then((res)=>{ console.log(res) }) //so i can see the request data after before it ends setTimeout(()=>{console.log("test")},100000); i come up with this and still get a 403 this is correct right? the cookies are in the cookie header
  3. this is what i have right now yet i still get a 403 i guess you mean the steam login cookies go in the headers however ive tried the other way arround and even both but still no progress
  4. can you confirm im doing everything correct? i still get null the cookies go like this : steamlogin,steamloginsecure and session id are all from a instance where i sign in with steam user and console log the cookies i then pasted them into the postman request, the only extra header is the referrer . partner id is a 32 steam id of my trade partner, captcha remains empty and serverid is set to 1. is there something im doing wrong? the params page on post man adds stuff to the top of the link ex: steamcommunity.com/accept?param. sorry if im bothering you i just cant find alot about steam http request on the internet.
  5. i made a request using postman just incase something was wrong with my code if i put a ? before the accept (https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/tradeid/?accept) i get taken to a steam login page however if there is no ? then i get a 403 could there be a problem with the authentication?
  6. where do i put the parameters? do they go in the post body and also what about the headers should it just be the referer?
  7. im using axios and get "Uncaught Error Error: Request failed with status code 403" can you take a look at the image below and tell me whats wrong i had alook at and everything looks to be correct any help would be apreciated
  8. the variable is a link of a steam profile picture btw
  9. is it possible to upload my bots avatar with a variable? i tried variable.toString and String(variable) however it doesnt work any chance i can get it to work?
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