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  1. I found in method loadUserInventory check for more_start. I know, early Steam get not full inventory. But now, i cant repeat this action. Even for inventory including 1000 items i receive full inventory on https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/STEAMID/inventory/json/APPID/CONTEXTID Steam canceled method more_start for load inventory?
  2. Hi, I would like to know what is the fastest way to get notifications from Steam. Should I use: "steam": client, or set pollInterval: "pollInterval": 1000 If so then how low can I go? Maybe both? Sorry if I said something incorrect.
  3. I've noticed that on occasion (happens every 30 or so offers) I don't receive a newOffer event, the offer is simply forgotten about and eventually canceled automatically. Interestingly, if I send another offer right away (before the first one is canceled) I get a newOffer event for both of them. I've only just started noticing this bug, using version 1.19.0: https://github.com/kryogenic/node-steam-tradeoffer-manager/tree/v1.19
  4. Hi there, I have setup my bot correctly with weblogon polling every hour and a sendoffers/updateoffers function running every 20 seconds but when the bot sends a trade, it sends more than one for the same items. I have tried to increase the polling intervals but have no luck. No errors or callbacks are emitted. Hope you can help me. Regards
  5. I've noticed a lot of 500 errors recently, usually these errors only happen once or twice per offer but I've noticed some cases where I'm completely unable to send a trade offer because it returns a 500 error each time I retry it. These errors are very hard to debug. I'm wondering if this is a temporary issue that everyone is experiencing, since I used to notice a lot of descriptive errors with eresult params. Also if there is some way to get the error info that would be great to know. I've tried printing the err, response, and body which are { [Error: HTTP error 500] code: 500 }, undefined, and undefined, respectively.
  6. How can i use the method getActions in getReceivedItens to generate the inspect link of the new item received ?
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