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  1. Ok, the problem was that there was a bug in the version of steamcommunity I had and I just did npm update which solved the problem. Thanks
  2. Hi, I recently got this error while restarting my bot: [Error: Access Denied]and before this I had Invalid Password for the steam ip timeout, this has now gone away except this error. There is not a problem with my code as this appeared after restarting a working bot. I expect that this is probably just steams restrictions of logins but I just need reassurance. Regards
  3. I have the functions sendOffers and updateOffers removed from the script above.
  4. Hi there, I have setup my bot correctly with weblogon polling every hour and a sendoffers/updateoffers function running every 20 seconds but when the bot sends a trade, it sends more than one for the same items. I have tried to increase the polling intervals but have no luck. No errors or callbacks are emitted. Hope you can help me. Regards
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