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Found 3 results

  1. Problem with connecting proxy. There are two outcomes when connecting a proxy: 1. The proxy is working - the code is being executed. 2. The proxy is working - but the code is not executed and there is no error in the console, because of this I cannot trace the problem and solve it. How can I track this error? I will be grateful for help Code: const SteamClient = require('steam-client'); const SteamUser = require('steam-user'); let user = new SteamUser({ singleSentryfile: false, promptSteamGuardCode: false, dateDirectory: null, httpProxy: 'http://IP:PORT' }); user.logOn({ accountName: 'USERNAME', password: 'PASSWORD' }); user.on('error', e => { console.log(e); return; }); user.on('emailInfo', function(address, validated) { if (validated == true) { console.log('Yes', validated); return; } else (validated == false) { console.log('No', validated); return; } });
  2. Hi, what is the best method for relogin to bot if e.g. on NoConnection disconnect. e.g. 1st step login with steam-sessions and save refreshToken 2nd step login to steam-client with refreshToken and save loginKey 3rd step if NoConnection disconnect use login key or refreshToken and how long alive refreshToken and how to regenerate ? only relogin w/ steam-session, if steam-client throw InvalidPassword
  3. Hello, i try run your library ( and i catch this error. I need run exactly your library, because this support websockets. Beacuse i need proxy for multiple connections (more than 1000 active connections). What can i do in this case? If you can, please find me in telegram: http://t.me/gefort for comfortable communication:) Thanks you! // ERROR details { eresult: 5, count_loginfailures_to_migrate: 0, count_disconnects_to_migrate: 0 } events.js:141 throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event ^ Error: Disconnected at CMClient.connect.CMClient._disconnected (/home/do/Documents/backgame/nsteam/node_modules/steam-client/lib/cm_client.js:340:22) at emitThree (events.js:97:13) at WebSocketConnection.emit (events.js:175:7) at WebSocket.<anonymous> (/home/do/Documents/backgame/nsteam/node_modules/steam-client/lib/websocket_connection.js:57:13) at emitThree (events.js:97:13) at WebSocket.emit (events.js:175:7) at /home/do/Documents/backgame/nsteam/node_modules/websocket13/lib/base.js:363:12 at pipe (/home/do/Documents/backgame/nsteam/node_modules/websocket-extensions/lib/pipeline/index.js:37:40) at Pipeline._loop (/home/do/Documents/backgame/nsteam/node_modules/websocket-extensions/lib/pipeline/index.js:44:3) at Pipeline.processIncomingMessage (/home/do/Documents/backgame/nsteam/node_modules/websocket-extensions/lib/pipeline/index.js:13:8) // CODE var Steam = require('steam-client'); var steamClient = new Steam.CMClient(Steam.EConnectionProtocol.WebSocket); steamClient.connect(); steamClient.on('connected', function() { console.log('connected!') steamClient.logOn({ "account_name": "My steam username", "password": "my password" }); }); steamClient.on('logOnResponse', function(details) { console.log('details', details) });
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