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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, what is the best method for relogin to bot if e.g. on NoConnection disconnect. e.g. 1st step login with steam-sessions and save refreshToken 2nd step login to steam-client with refreshToken and save loginKey 3rd step if NoConnection disconnect use login key or refreshToken and how long alive refreshToken and how to regenerate ? only relogin w/ steam-session, if steam-client throw InvalidPassword
  2. steam-user : v. 4.27.1 steamcommunity: v. 3.44.3 Hi, I'm logging into the bot via steam-user and refresToken and after finding webSession, cookies are not valid / setCookies still return Not Logged In. SteamCommunity _checkHttpError return status code 302 redirection to /login Anyone have similar experiences ? steamUser[item.id] = new SteamUser() steamCommunity[item.id] = new SteamCommunity() tradeOfferManager[item.id] = new TradeOfferManager({ steam: steamUser[item.id], community: steamCommunity[item.id], domain: 'localhost', language: 'en' }) steamUser[item.id].logOn({ refreshToken: item.steam_session_token, logonID: 67 })
  3. I miss proxy, like steam-user Error events probably not working I have subscribers for error event but still my console dying (same with wrong pass, but I fix with .catch on .startWithCredentials) node_modules/steam-session/dist/helpers.js:17:15
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