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Found 2 results

  1. Steam inspect link for CS contains 3 params: S for owner steam id, A for asset id and some unclear param D. I noticed when you request inventory or GetAssetClassInfo this param can change for same instanceid + classid combination every request, even when item is the same. So i have this questions: Any ideas what does D means and how it is used? It is just some hash to prevent data scraping? Can we rely on any value of D received from steam for persist cache of metadata or it can change and we need to update it in cache every time? In node-steam-tradeoffer-manager there is cache mechanism that stores descriptions without TTL, so seems like inspect link for any instanceid + classid combination is actual forever, but this D param confusing me
  2. I know one endpoint for getting additional infos on items (http://api.steampowered.com/IEconItems_730/GetPlayerItems/v0001/?key=KEYHERE&SteamID=IDHERE). But this only works if the item is still in that inventory. What if the inspect-link is from the past? Is there any endpoint that I am missing?
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