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What does Steam ban for? How can I make multiple requests and don’t get blocked?


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Hi. I’m making a betting site and I’m not sure about certain things. I’ve got a system where I simply deposit skins and convert them to coins (them you can buy skins for them). Is it against steam’s ToS? I think it’s legal because I’ve seen it on many sites and only direct betting is banned (you bet using skins, not coins). The second question is about getting users’ inventories. I’m using steamcommunty api and I cache results (people can refresh inv every 5mins). It is fine now for 10 active users, but what happens when I will have 100 requests every minute from different users (100 users will want to check their inventories)? How can i improve that and avoid getting timed out? I think I made all things clear, ask if you don’t get something. Thanks In advance.

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Using steam for managing gambling sites is against ToS, it doesn't matter if you convert them or not.

Setting timeouts won't matter - as far as I'm sure steam sends moderators around teh interweb to check for such sites. A lot of the time big gambling site bots get banned and they cannot do anything about it.


Here's original post about ToS change:


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You cannot avoid the risk of a ban on your bot accounts, and every other account connected IF you're running a gambling site.

It does not matter what API you're using, this is just ridiculous. You're still using steam to manage your gambling business, the only way you can do this if you don't involve steam at all (aka running online casino).


And match betting was never banned, gambling was. Of course, if Valve would want to they could go after these sites as well, knowing their lawyers, but they are not going to bother with such sites.

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